Looking for Love in all the wrong Places

Mary feels like Harry of One Direction is her dream guy and searches all over for him when she finally meets One Direction Mary wonders if that's what she really wants.


2. One Direction is found

After getting their luggage Mary and Emma headed to the hotel to drop of their luggage so they could begin their search. "I AM JUST SOO EXCITED!!" squealed Emma. "But remember when we meet Harry 'cool and collected' ok?" asked Mary. "I know I know now let's get going, what's the most recent tweet Harry has posted?" asked Emma " hmmm let me see um 'Great meal at Jerry's Cafe' so let's go!" Emma and Mary made their way downstairs into a taxi. "Jerry's cafe please" said Emma. When they arrived at Jerry's Cafe they jumped out of the taxi and made their way through the crowd to the small cafe window "I can't believe I am just a few feet from Harry Styles" said Mary, "I think I may faint" said Emma. Emma and Mary were soon pushed around the crowd and found themselves behind the crowd when they made their way back up to the window One Direction had left. Mary sighed in dismay, "I can't believe we missed them" "don't loose hope!" said Emma. They then started walking down the street when Mary felt a tap on her should and when she turned around her jaw dropped.
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