My wish, my dream

My wish to meet one direction. My dream that harry and I will fall in love and get married. Doesn't sound so complicated. Till you think to much about it. What if i im just another face in the crowd. Just another girl who is in love with a boy band. But what if I change that what if im not just another face in the crowd ...


1. One Direction who?

"Taylor! Taylor! Look up Harry Styles from One Direction" My bestfriend Sarah tweeted to me. "Sarah I don't have time to look up some new clothes I don't even have money so why would I look at clothes I can't buy?" I tweeted back. Sarah she is so werid. Some times I just wonder what she does in her freetime. I thought to myself. *tweet* "TAYLOR IT'S NOT CLOTHES IT'S THE HOTTEST MAN EVER!" I just don't think Sarah get's that I like someone at school and with her taste in guys who knows what he would look like! Thinking to myself.


"Taylor! Why didn't you tweet me back last night? huh? In shock of Harry and his amazing looks?" "I had umm.. Homework last night and my mom made me get off the computer! Sorry so I didn't look him up." I said. "Oh! Well here I have a picture of him I printed out! Take a look!" Said Sarah very excitedly "Fine if you will stop talking about him!" I grabe the photo she pulled out of her binder. "Are you kidding me that's not even cute Sarah!" " ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He is sooooo hot! I mean look at him! His favorite color is orange, He lives in England, He is in the band One Direction, Oh and he-" "SARAH shut-up! I look at the picture and you agreed to shut up about him! Anyways One Direction? Who's that?" "Hey guys what are you doing?" Said my other best friend Gianna. "Oh Hey G! Nothing really trying to put my books in my locker while Sarah goes on and on about this guy Harry from One Direction." I said. "Gianna! You have to look at him he's so dang cute!" "Sarah he's dang ugly! You have bad taste in guys! I'm going to my locker and putting my books up!" "Thanks for agreeing with me G" I told her. "Bye" Sarah and I said together and Gianna walked down the hall. "So anyways Taylor as I was saying he LOVES tacos and sweet cor-" "Sarah i'm going to gym! Bye" I told her as I slamed my locker shut.


As I was walking down the hall to get to gym I was thinking to myself about this Harry Styles guy. By 4 peroid I realized I had been thinking an awful lot about him. So when we got computers to do our work with I decided to look him up. I was thinking this guy is actaully pretty attrictive. My thought and searching was soon intrrupeted as the teacher saw I wasn't working. I told myself when I get home that's the first thing I was gonna look up!

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