Was it meant to be

Niall and Jessica had met at x factor they had both auditioned and they became good friends but then Jessica got eliminated! They were both from Mullingar,Ireland. When Niall comes back to visit his family he sees Jessica again!!!!


1. x factor

Jessica's P.O.V.
Today was the day that I would tryout for x factor! I got up early and got ready. I was scared and excited at the same time. I was in line when this really cute blonde boy came up to me." Hello my name is Niall." he said," Hi my name is Jessica." "Are you as scared as I am." "Yes very scared." "Where are you from?" he asked,"I'm from Mullingar, Ireland and you?" "No way me too!!" "Haha well see you later bye." and then I left it was my turn to go on stage I sang the song,"So What" by pink and I made it I had gotten all three yes. One week has passed and I would always see Niall with his guitar and singing he looked so cute but I had to get him out of my head since today was elimination day! When I was called out I was scared I didn't know what to expect. They didn't say my name I was getting really sad and then they finally said," The last person is…… Katie." I was devastated that I didn't win I didnt want to go home. Niall had made it but was put in a band called One Direction with four other boys. They were actually all good. I always saw them on every show and vote for them. But I wish that I had given Niall my number he was so darn cute. Whenever he was singing I couldn't get my eyes off of him. Did he still remember me? I asked myself that question almost everyday. Did Niall horan still remember me Jessica Vasquez?
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