Was it meant to be

Niall and Jessica had met at x factor they had both auditioned and they became good friends but then Jessica got eliminated! They were both from Mullingar,Ireland. When Niall comes back to visit his family he sees Jessica again!!!!


3. "Would you like to come?"

Jessica's P.O.V
I turned around and found myself looking at a blonde, blue eyed, and irish boy. It couldn't  be!! It was Niall. Oh my gosh he looked so different but in a good way. His eyes I couldn't stop staring at his eyes. They looked like different oceans were in his eyes. He saw me staring and I quickly turned away and blushed he laughed, "My name's Niall" I laughed and replied, "I know, I'm Jess short for Jessica " "Wait Jessica Vasquez?" "Yup, I'm surprised you still remember my name." we both laughed but I had to get going so we exchanged numbers and I had left after that I was still surprised he remembered my name and it had been two years. It made me feel happy that he still remembered me.

Niall's P.O.V 
I went to Nando's to get food for myself and when I was there i heard a familiar voice. She was about to leave when I grabbed her wrist and she turned around. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. I wanted to speak up but was too busy looking into her beautiful green eyes. When she turned away I knew she was blushing and I found it cute. We had exchanged numbers because she had to go somewhere. I was really happy that we had met again. When I got to my flat the boys had came to visit. Liam was watching Toy Story as usual, Zayn was looking at himself in whichever mirror he found, Louis was playing video games, and Harry was half naked,"Harry mate would you mind putting on some clothes." " Erm… do I have to " oh great I knew he wouldn't listen so i just left. While they were all busy doing there stuff. I just simply sat down on the table and began to eat thinking about Jess I wanted to invite her to the beach, me, the boys, and her. I texted her and received a text back from her saying 'yeah but can I bring my sister.' I texted back saying 'of course you can' I was so excited to see her again and get to know her better.

Jessica's P.O.V
While I was driving I received a text from Niall which said, 'Hey Jess I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach tomorrow in the afternoon.'
I told him yeah but I didn't want to be the only girl there so I asked him if I could bring my sister Kylie. He said sure. Kylie was going to be so happy to see Harry she was 16 years old and was my only sister. Today was the best day ever, it was my mums birthday and I had seen the guy I liked two years ago again.
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