Was it meant to be

Niall and Jessica had met at x factor they had both auditioned and they became good friends but then Jessica got eliminated! They were both from Mullingar,Ireland. When Niall comes back to visit his family he sees Jessica again!!!!


2. Nandos

Niall's P.O.V 
    Today was the x factor finals we were all scared. Harry was starting to get sick. Liam was losing his voice a little. Zayn was still sad about his grandpa that passed away. Louis was Louis as usual. Louis and I were the only ones not sick but we were scared that we might lose. 
     I tried to think positive,but for some reason I kept thinking about this girl. What was her name….oh yeah Jessica she was the first one that I said "hi" she was sweet but I was sad that she had got eliminated she had an amazing voice like an angel. She was also from Mullingar, Ireland and she was pretty, her green eyes with her light brown hair.
Jessica's P.O.V
      I was watching x factor with my sister the final one and had my fingers crossed through the entire show my sister came in and said, "I think Harry is cute." "Yeah" "What do you mean yeah he is so cute I would totally go out with him." "I would go out with Niall he's more my type." "Do you want more popcorn?" "Of course I do!" 
*2 years passed* 
      I couldn't believe how fast time was going by I was already 18 and am going to college. I decided to go get food for the family since today was my mums  birthday of course I went to her favorite place Nandos. I got there and not too many people so I was going to get my order quick and was pretty happy. I was in line when the guy in front of me was taking forever and so I finally said,"Excuse are you almost done. I don't mean to be rude but I have to get my mums food it's her birthday." "Yes let me just get a few more things." Really he was already there for about more than five minutes I had ordered and was about to leave when I felt a hand grab me.
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