Was it meant to be

Niall and Jessica had met at x factor they had both auditioned and they became good friends but then Jessica got eliminated! They were both from Mullingar,Ireland. When Niall comes back to visit his family he sees Jessica again!!!!


4. Beach

Jessica's P.O.V

Today my sister and I were going to the beach with Niall and the boys. I was getting butterflies as the time went by. I got a text from Niall "The lads and I were thinking if you and your sister wanted to come to my flat." I already knew where he lived he texted me the day before his address and the rest. "Sure we will be there in an hour." I still wasn't ready and neither as Kylie. I knocked on her door and said, "Kylie, we have to leave in 45 minutes." "We aren't supposed to be at the beach until 4:30" "I know Niall invited us to his flat." "Will Harry be there?" "Yeah so get ready." "Yay" She squealed. I know what I am going to wear. I'll wear my torqouise pokadot bikini. My favorite bikini!!

Niall's P.O.V

I really wanted to get to know her better. She looked really nice. I told the lads and they were excited we haven't been to the beach in a long time. Liam, Zayn, and Louis weren't going to bring their girlfriends because they were busy. Which made me a little sad they were really funny. "Lads the gir–" I was cut off by Liam, "Shhhh" they were watching "Toy Story" I should'be known but I had to tell them so I got the control put pause and thats when Liam got mad so he let out a "grrrrrrrrr" i laughed and said,"Sorry Liam this is important. Okay so the 2 girls will be coming over in about 30 minutes." "Niall you just want to see the girl sooner don't you." louis said, that was one of the reasons why, "Yeah but you guys please don't embarras me okay." "Okay Niall just put on the movie." Liam has watched that movie so many times almost everywhere we go he has it with him. He has all 3 of them.

Jessica's P.O.V

I was ready. Over my bikini I wore some short shorts and a loose tank top. And so did Kylie I was going to tell her to change into a different top but we were already late so I didn't bother. We were I'm the car listening to music when all of a sudden WMYB came on Kylie and I knew the whole song. We sang along and laughed at the end. We were finally there I kinda got lost while singing along to WMYB.

I knocked on his door. I heard some footsteps and started to get butterflies Kylie noticed and said,"Don't be nervous it's going to be alright." she had light brown eyes and blonde hair with brown highlights. I noticed that she was excited. He opened the door and Kylie excitedly said "Hello" and I managed to say "Hi" he was a little bit nervous because no words came out until he finally said, "Hi, come in" Kylie and I said our hellos to the rest of the boys and we sat down Kylie sat down next Harry. They were talking when Liam told them to be quiet it was pretty funny so we all started to laugh he got mad and let out a little "grrrrrr" and we laughed even more.

The movie ended so we ate and then left. I had noticed that Niall eats a lot. But I was okay with that. Since I live with my dad. My mom and dad had divorced so me and Kylie usually go with my mum during the summer. We are going there in 5 days. She lives in England and my dad in Ireland. We had finally got there. Harry and Kylie ran to the beach. I smiled. I layed my towel on the sand and I put on some sunscreen but couldn't reach my back and since Niall was the only one not in the water is asked him. "Niall" "Yes" "Can you put some sunscreen on my back? I can't reach it." "Yeah" his hands were so soft I almost fell asleep. While i was tanning Niall came and carried me into the water. "Niall what are you doing" I laughed, "You have been tanning for too long." then we were in the water I saw him under water like they do in the movies but we didn't kiss. We hadnt seen each other for two years and I really didn't want to kiss him. I needed to know him a little better.
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