The Protector returns.

Meta needs help, is Nassir willing to give it.


2. Won't be touched


He let out the dragons calling and it sounded horrific. A loud deep wail that people would never forget. This was their battle cry, and I loved to hear it. I clung to his neck as his wings expanded to cast a shadow on the ground below. His skin was rough and hard, it had to be it was his armour.

Dragons are short tempered and fights often break out when too many are in the same place, you can see that from the battle scars on Nassir. He earned his title as The Protector; he earned the name Nassir in our village.

My fingers turned numb and the wind from his beating wings threatened to blow me away. I closed my eyes, not wanting to look down; I could hear the pumping of his heart. How could something so big fly so gracefully and at such a speed? “It’s been too long Meta.” He chuckled as he turned upside down. I couldn’t get a grip and began to fall. I screamed. “NASSIR!!!” I bellowed, fearing for my life, the ground kept getting closer and closer, I covered my face waiting for the impact.

Just before I touched the ground Nassir grabbed the back of my shirt in his teeth, I could hear his taunting. He threw me in the air so I landed on his back. “Meta you have lost your touch for flying.” He teased, throwing his head back and letting out another battle cry.

“I don’t appreciate you doing that.” I said trying to catch my breath. “I wouldn’t let you fall.” He sounded offended. “It won’t be a long journey now, much longer on a horse.” He kept on flying up and down, like he was going over waves. I watched as we passed village after village.

They looked peaceful, but panicked when they saw Nassir. Nassir was known all over the land; he was The Protector, until he got mad and went on a rampage because of my father. I could understand that. My father had tried to kill him, lured him in and then stabbed him and got the guards to try and capture him. Nassir fled, but not without taking his anger out on the people.

“So why me Meta?” He sounded intrigued, as if to say after all this time why do you pick me? “Because Nassir, I missed you. You were my dragon.” A low rumble formed in his chest. “I missed you too, many days I thought of you and many nights I never slept. I just figured you forgot about me after a few years.” He turned his head to get a better look at me. “I could never forget you.” I smiled at him and he gave a swift nod and turned to face the way we were flying. Did he believe me when I told him that? Because I meant it.

Once again there was a battle cry, but not Nassir’s. It was high pitched and hurt my ears. “Hold on.” Nassir commanded and I tried to wrap my arms around his neck. My arms never even got half way round and I had to dig my hands under a few scales to stop me falling. “Nassir, don’t accept that challenge!” I snapped as a large darkness cast over me. If he accepted I was as good as dead. “As I said Meta I am the most dangerous thing to fly, I won’t be touched.”

“Even by a mother protecting her hatchlings.” I gulped looking up then down to the ground. I could see three hatchlings running for cover. I knew how temperamental dragons could be, but a dragon mother, was a whole different kind of temperamental. Nassir must have noticed them as well and he pulled up into the sky, towards the shape. There was another loud cry as we flew past her, she wobbled a bit then followed. 

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