The Protector returns.

Meta needs help, is Nassir willing to give it.


4. Rest


I watched as his tail swung from side to side, as his hips wiggled when he walked. His tail was as thick as a tree trunk, or at least bigger. He left craters in the earth, shaped like his massive claws. I lay with my back against his neck, trying to get some rest. Hard to do when all you can hear is dragons calling.

“Can you tell them to shut up?” I asked agitated, he completely blanked me. “Nassir?” I turned to look at him. “What’s wrong?”  I rubbed the back of his neck; I think it was a pathetic attempt to comfort him. “Nothing.” He said flatly, staring at the ground as he walked.

“We will rest here.” He stopped underneath a large oak tree. “So are we planning on getting eaten in the open now?” I slid off his back and my knees stung with the impact of the ground. “You have no faith in me at all.” He grumbled and threw himself onto his side. “So we are sleeping here?” He nodded. “Alright.” I sat down away from him and lay on my back. I hardly noticed the sun setting in the distance.

He lay his head on his claws and watched me. His eyes weren’t filled with fury anymore. Something had softened in them and at that moment I saw the dragon I found all that years ago in the forest.

Then I thought about what was yet to come. Would Nassir be able to fight his brother? What if he lost? Our village would be destroyed. But the question that stood out the most. What if Nassir was killed by his brother? I haven’t seen him in years, but I still loved him. He was still that little hatchling I knew. I couldn’t let him die. Then I realised I had done a terrible thing. I might have just set Nassir on a suicidal mission. I could have just reserved his spot in the afterlife.

I shivered thinking of the thought. “Stop worrying Meta.” He licked his lips. “Your thoughts are unnerving.”

“What?”  He couldn’t possible know my thoughts. “You heard correct. Your thoughts are screaming out at me. Any dragon who flies past will hear them.” He rolled the muscles in his shoulders. “How?”

“Dragons can’t always read your thoughts. Unless you project them out. I can hear them because you’re that worried that you have done the wrong thing and you have sent them out seeking advice. Even if you didn’t realise you were doing it.” I left my mouth open, could all the dragons in the area know what I thought? “So you can hear my thoughts.”

“As you can hear mine if I let you.” He grumbled. “Ok let’s get some rest; I will need to be rested for fighting tomorrow.” His eyelids rolled forward until they were closed. “So soon?” My voice sounded upset.

“Meta. What did you think was going to happen? That I would arrive and Jitender would run away screaming? That I would talk to him and he would surrender?” He sounded sorry, like he was using the; Sorry to break the news to you, voice.

“No I thought we would have more time together.” I played with the blades of grass. “We will have time, after I fight.” He sounded sure of himself. That he could win a fight against his brother, but when he mentioned the fight his muscles tensed, showing his doubt in himself. “Sleep Meta. We fly at dawn.” 

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