The Protector returns.

Meta needs help, is Nassir willing to give it.


5. Nightmare.


I closed my eyes to fall into my dreams only to reveal frightening images. Images of war, bloodshed and death. I saw the battle Nassir and Jitender would have, and I saw the winner. It wasn’t Nassir. I watched as Jitender strangled the life out of Nassir, not even acknowledging that it was his brother.

Then as he jerked ripping Nassir’s head from his shoulders, he let out the Dragon’s call. A deep rumbling wail that echoed throughout the land. As I knelt beside Nassir’s headless body I wept. Until a shadow was cast upon me and I turned to face the furious yellow eyes, surrounded with bluebird scales. He opened his mouth, revealing two rows of scissor like teeth. I woke up drenched in cold sweat as his jaws plummeted me into darkness.

I watched as Nassir snored, smoke slowly rising from his nostrils. How could he sleep knowing he might not live another day? I crawled towards him, removing the space and curled up close to him. Not touching but I could still hear be heavy beating of his heart. Heart of stone? He could never have a heart of stone. Anyone who can’t realise that is stupid beyond belief.

His rumbling snores were comforting, and they helped lure me back into my sleep, just to have the same nightmare repeated over and over again. 

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