The Protector returns.

Meta needs help, is Nassir willing to give it.


1. Nassir


I stared into his rage filled eyes, they glowed like a sunset. His nostrils flared as smoke blew into my face. I took deep breaths, pulse racing. His ruby red scales layered over each other, as he studied me with those large eyes. He opened his mouth and blew more smoke into my face, as if toying with me.

I clenched my fists, why did I come up here? A loud rumble filled the tunnel. I didn’t realise that it came from him. A voice filled my head. “Leave now little human, or things will get ugly, fast.” That was a threat and I knew he was perfectly capable of acting upon it, but I couldn’t move, my feet were frozen in place.

Heat filled the tunnel as the dragon grew angrier. He dug his claws into the ground and his words filled my mind again. “LEAVE!!” He bared his razor like teeth. How could this dragon be like this? I finally spoke. “Nassir, do you remember me?” I couldn’t hide the fear in my voice. “I said leave!” His words had a hint of venom to them. When I didn’t he bowed his head. “Unfortunately yes.” He sighed.

“What do you want?” He snarled. “I need your help our village is in trouble.” He scoffed. “Why should I help your village, your king tried to kill me! All he ever wanted was to wear my skin on his sword!” He bellowed. “Nassir I’m sorry. My father can be a cruel man, but we need your help.”

“You have come to the wrong dragon Meta.” He closed his eyes as if to go back to sleep. “Nassir, I looked after you when you were just a hatchling. I named you; do you know what Nassir means?” I began to yell, my voice bouncing off the walls of the cave. When he didn’t answer I told him. “Nassir means The Protector. I named you because you were supposed to be the protector of our village.” He let out a groan. “Do you know what Meta means?”

“Don’t use my tactics against me.” I pointed at him. “It means The Ambitious One, and the title suits you well.” He stated. “Nassir I am sorry for my father’s mistakes, but please don’t take it out on my people.”

“What exactly is wrong?” He asked, I knew I had him now and I wasn’t returning until he came with me. “A dragon is terrorising the village, killing and attacking. He takes our livestock and breaks down our homes, his name is Jitender.” Nassir cursed. “Have you heard of him?” He nodded slowly, head looking heavy.

“The Powerful Conqueror. I’ve heard of him, I will help you.” He began to get up. “How do you know him?” He let out a bone chilling laugh. “He’s my brother.”

“You don’t have a brother.” I told him, I was unsure. I did just find Nassir one day when he was lost and took him in, but he never mentioned a brother.

“There is a lot you don’t know about me Meta.” He picked me up in his talons and climbed down the edge of the black rock mountain. My horse went mad and took off at the very sight of him. “Willow!” I called her but she kept on running. “Never mind they always come back.”

Nassir arched his back, I could hear the bones cracking as he stretched. “Are we flying or walking?” He questioned. “The skies are dangerous.” I looked up, I was in dragon country. “I am the most dangerous thing to fly Meta. If I recall I am well known. No dragon will touch me, plus I can take them.”  He sounded too full of himself but yet I still let him throw me onto his back. He pushed off the ground and rocketed into the air. 

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