The Protector returns.

Meta needs help, is Nassir willing to give it.


3. Don't need to Prove yourself


We went into the clouds trying to lose her. He kept diving in and out of the clouds, the mother not far behind us. “Nassir! Don’t play these silly games just tell her we aren’t going to touch the hatchlings!”

“Don’t be so stupid! Tell her we know about the hatchlings is going to make her madder!” I could barely hear him. The air was so thin up here I had to take short deep breaths. I took a dared glance behind to see she was gone. “Sh-she’s gone.” Nassir hit something and we tumbled to the ground. From the cloud in front of us she had appeared not giving Nassir enough time to react.

Jaws snapped as they fought, still tumbling through the air. Her claw just missed me as I tried to bury myself into Nassir. He bit onto her throat and she scraped at his body, letting out a wail in pain. They kept rolling together, limbs entangled; trying to get the other facing the ground. When he let out a shriek in pain I panicked. “Nassir!!!” I got the mothers attention and in that split second Nassir turned her over to face the ground.

The ground gave in when she hit it, a large hole into the soil. Nassir kept her pinned, but she wasn’t going to risk another fight. “What was that for?” He growled. “My territory!”

“I don’t want it! Meta are you alright?” he sounded worried but I slowly nodded. “Nassir you’re helping this human girl.” She spat. “What a waste of time, they try to hunt us!” she shouted and his claws dug in deeper to her shoulders. “I will do as I please!”

“You’re trying to get your title back. Well Nassir everyone knows you, you don’t need to prove yourself!”

“That is true but as you all think, I don’t have a heart of stone.” He stated. “Why are you helping her?” He got off her and took a step back. I peeked around his neck; the purple scales shimmered on the mother dragon, her eyes like emeralds. She was the most beautiful dragon I have seen, but was so dangerous. “Jitender.” He spat.

“Nassir don’t fight your brother.” She shook her head, the muscles in her long neck flexed. “It’s none of your business what I do, Bernia!” He towered over her, making her shrink back a step. “She is not worth it!” She scowled, stomping the ground that shook in terror.

“What do you know Bernia? You know nothing!” He growled, smoke rising from his mouth. “I have wisdom Nassir and don’t you forget it!” Bernia hissed infuriated by his comment. “I am as good as any in a battle.” There was a size difference between the both of them, Bernia was slightly smaller but showed the potential to be a good fighter. She certainly had the strength and stubbornness.

“I am leaving now Bernia.” Nassir stated quietly and bowed his head in respect. “Nassir you and me both know this battle isn’t going to end well.” She reasoned with him but he turned his back and began to walk away. 

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