Brother Brother

A young pixie is sent to kill a fairy. What she doesn't know is he is her brother.


3. Prison

They took me away, to prison. It's cold grey floors hurt my feet and I dug my heels down in an attempt not to be pulled away by guards. My feet were grazed and sore; cuts lined up along the sole. I was forced through an iron door and as I reached out to grip onto something, heavy shackles were slammed down on my wrists and they made them bleed rapidly. A prison run by fairies. I screamed out but it was useless, and I felt a rough cloth cover my mouth and nose, the familiar smell of chloroform, filled the air. I didn't stand a chance, i felt my eyes roll back and I fell limp into a slumber.

The cell was cold, too cold and i opened my eyes to the fluttering eyelashes of another pixie. Her lashes sparkled with glitter, the rainbows danced around her face, was it her lashes were a solar light source? Her nose perked up and her eyes were a dark blue, a daring blue. Her eyes glinted red then blue once more, they kept changing blue and red every time she opened her eyes after blinking. She had small lips and they were painted with rainbow shades. I had never seen anything like her. Her hair was what they called scene on Earth and she had the raccoon tail style but with white as the base colours were once more rainbow coloured. She had a loose white cloth top, with a heart stitched were the human heart would be. You could see her midriff and a low cut white skirt with rainbow leggings. She had had black lace-up roller-skates and white leg warmers. She looked extremely unreal.

"Hello, thank god you have woken up!"

"Huh? What do you mean?" I replied.

"I know what you did, I know you couldn't control yourself."

"But you were not there-"

"But I did the same.." she replied. I tensed and she sat on the crooked bench next to me, "I knew that was not my mother. She had crooked yellow teeth and her hair was dull... She tried to grab me, her fingers tore my skin." she swiped her shirt strap off her shoulder slightly and showed me the torn skin. I felt a slight pain on my shoulder and looked at it, I too had cuts. "I believe that these creatures are a form of shape shifters. Next cell along, we have Pudge and Darcey. They are trainee scientists and they are here just as we are. They know about how to stop these creatures. Oh, by the way, my name's Tee."

And here I was, with 3 people who know what they are doing. Which... I don't.
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