Brother Brother

A young pixie is sent to kill a fairy. What she doesn't know is he is her brother.


1. Note

If you met a guy, who's hair was as yours and his eyes the same glowing crystals, would you fall, would you wake or would you drift away? Would live by him for eternity or part as soon as your eyes met? If his wings were a perfect solitude of sacred stone and his face a pearly white to a point which pricked you like the point of his cold ears, would you touch his face and kiss, your lips touching gently binding together, or would you strike him down when you could till he is no more? What if... He was your brother and you didn't even know but to save all you had to kill him?

Welcome to Heavensake. The central of all fairies. The dilapidated cliffs and the small cleffs where birds of prey nested. The snowy landscapes of open plains and the city located just left from the centre of the land. I live in the village off the edge of the city, never would I venture into the city, there is a lot of prejudice there and I would be sent into the slaughter house to be made into dog chub. It is true we have dust, just the ashes of our souls when we die and become what we are now. We all end up like this and are invisible to any human and our town is untouchable.

My name is Elena, I am obviously a pixie but I do have wings, a rarity. Fairies are like luxury pixies, they don't have to wash as the sun does it for them, and they can use magic. Our magic is black magic rather and it takes many years of practice. My mother is a pixie as well, but I do not know of any father or other siblings. I believe my father was a fairy, because of my wings but I have no source for evidence. Today, my mother is distraught: she received a note from the charming messenger, Perry. It hit me like a stick, the thought. Today, my mother may have been sent my training note!

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