Brother Brother

A young pixie is sent to kill a fairy. What she doesn't know is he is her brother.


2. Mother

A training note is sent to the parents of the child. It tells them the profession they will train in and the job they will take if they proceed. It will also say what they would do to the child if it decides to quit or fails the tests they set. If it is, I will have to pack my bags and leave mother. That would ruin my world. I would feel so bad, to leave her on her own. I would come back for her obviously, it's that simple.

It turns out it was a training letter, but my mother was too upset to tell me my profession, it was probably best not too; I would rather find out myself anyway. I must travel 5 miles east the twenty three miles northwest. My trainer's name was Master Zacuraeylsa, and he was an afyg, very similar to an ogre but skinnier and they wear iron masks. Maybe I was to be a blacksmith? Or... A miner? Oh I would hate that. I must find out.

I equipped myself with a cloak, leaf sets and thread. I would rather make new clothes then ware out old ones. I collected my map, compass and bottle of water and set off for the veil which we use as a front door. My mother stopped me. Her hand gripped tight around my shoulder, tugging slightly at my fiery long red hair.

"Why are you leaving so early?" "Because I may be missing out on something if I wait any longer." I replied. "Please don't leave.." she whimpered. "But I have to." "You are young, child." her grip tightened and I cried out in slight pain as her nails dug through the coat and onto my skin. "Get off me!" I yelled and pulled away from her. Her nails forced deep into the skin and I looked at her hand to see the hand mutating, forming. Just one glance towards my mother's sweet cheeks and they were no longer there, her skin was a dark purple, her fang's long and sharp as scythed as though one bite could kill, as they dripped with rancid yellow poison. The nails were growing and they dug into my skin. This was not my mother. "Get off me!" I yelled furiously as I tried to pull away. This was not my mother!

This was a fairy, with a dodgy formation spell. I could tell, I studied these spells in my spare time, though I could not perform them they were still useful to know. I shrugged off the pain in my shoulder and shoved my hand into my pocket, wincing as the muscle flexed and grew weak. The blood emerging from the wound was almost unbearable to look at but my aim was set. I grabbed the flint in my pocket, as the creature whispered into my ear, "Never..."

In one swing, the flint was thrown forth into the heart of the creature as I furiously stabbed at it. The creature released itself from me while screeching a terrible noise that was deafening to the only pair of ears in audible range.

It was dead. And so was my mother. That was when I realised, it wasn't any fairy that had attacked me. It was my mother. She couldn't control her inner demons, they killed her really. Showing themselves to me just killed them. My mother unintentionally killed herself. And I'd get the blame...


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