From the Caribbean to the British Isles

Isabela lived in a town of sandy, blue watered beaches. After graduating High School, she's accepted to Cambridge University under the ideas of becoming a world known journalist. Upon arriving to the U.K. she realizes she knows nothing about the country she is in now. But in an unsightly miracle she get help from a mysterious figure. Let's see what Isabela from Isabela will find in her adventures in the U.K.

*somethings might be written in Spanish concerning my roots.*


8. The Big BANG Theory

  Annette and her friends spent most of the time with us. But, Annette's friend Windy didn't like me at first. Cuz she was a directioner with the Mrs. Horan label. I don't think she liked the idea of me with his green Jack Wills and Ireland written on the back.

  After about half an hour waiting in line, I spoke to annette. "So is she a Mrs. Horan or a Niam Hayne?" "Who?" "Windy!" "Why?" "Cuz she's been literaly about to launge for my throat!" "Mrs. Horan. She always falls for the blonds." Annette turned to talk to a Zayn Malik directioner. I walked towards Niall. He was with Liam and Lou. "Niall, we gotta talk." His eyes grimmed. "Liam and Lou can stay. It's nothing bad." He calmed down a bit. "What's it about?" Liam asked. "You know Windy? Annette's friend." They nodded. "She's a Mrs. Horan directioner." "Oh!" lou, Niall and Leeyum said. "So I was thinking, how about we surprise them. Annette's a Harry Styles girl and the other one is DJ Malik story. I know people. We can get in the park after dark..." Liam cut me off "And do a concert for the directioners. We can have those girls back stage. The What Makes You Beautiful girls." Lou smiled. "I like the idea." They called Zayn and Hazza and told them the plan. It wasn't my idea completely. But it was way over the top. Perfect.



"Thanks for being the best Directioners you can be!" Zayn said.

"And to 3 special girls back stage..." Harry began

"LAS AMAMOS!" Niall and Liam said in unison.

  That would definitely be an expirience they wouldn't forget. 3 encores followed, when the got back stage Niall, Harry and Zayn kissed the respective girl a kiss. We dropped them off at their hotel in Style, yes a limo. We told the chauffer to go back with out us, and took a bus to Downtown Disney. Niall was hungry. BIG SHOCKER! NOT! I was kind of hungry too.

"You guys ever tried Cuban food?" I asked cuz I had a big craving for Bongos."No." "No? Then you haven't lived. I've already tried Fish n' chips from Hazza's favorite. I've had Nando's every weekend. Now it's your turn to try food from my side of the planet!" So we walked to Bongos. Downtown wasn't so crowded. The few people there were at shops. We reached this massive restaurant. The rooftop had a pineapple crown. Funny, I thought the name was 'Bongos'?!? Latina humor.

  We got seated. Niall's eyes widened when he smelled food. "What do you recommend, Niamh?" Liam asked. shit! Why call me Niamh? " I don't know. What ever you choose will be good. Trust me." We ordered and waited. About fifteen minutes later, our food arrived. That was fast. Wait, I was here with One Direction. stupid Isabella! I mentaly face slapped myself.

  We split the bill, paid and heaed to the bus stop to the hotel. Lou and Zayn picked up girls on our way. Guess if you're British, hot, and in a world known bad, you get any girl. When we got to the room, the boys split something between them. They left the box in the counter. Condoms. Guess it be a long night. action in five room. Except for Niall and me.

  I went to my room, took a shower and went to the kitchen to get some water. I saw Niall in the living room with a bag of cheetoh's. That boy eats and eats, just like me. "Hey Nialler!" "Hey! I thought you'd be asleep by now." We heard moaning and groaning. "With that noise?" "Yeah, I know. They'll wake up all sore." Another groan and moan. "Mind if I sit?" "No. Not at all." We stood quiet for a sec. More noise.

  In my month living with them I had seen Harry in all his glory, twice. Liam and Lexi making out, big time, in the living room. And the most disturbing, Alex and Bianca about to do it. They have a crazy life. But they're still normal. I guess i never thought my best friend were that crazy.

"Do you ever get use to it?"  "To what?" "Oh come on! The sex atmosphere? I mean, they're loud!" Niall sighed. "Eventually." I grabbed a cheetoh from the bag. I was expecting Niall to swat my hand like he did to Harry. But nothing. I remembered something I heard my late sister say: "If Niall shares his food with anyone, specially a girls, he's found his princess..." "Niall, I just took a cheetoh and you didn't swat my hand!" "Yeah, so?" "You noticed?" "Yes." I stared. " why didn't you swat me?" "Cuz you're my princess." I'm pretty sure my jaw just dropped. I, Isabella Niamh de Leon Allende, am Niall James Horan's princess. "Oh Niall" I kissed him. He kissed back. Things got heated. He turned off the tv and grabbed me, his hands on my butt. My legs were wrapped around his waist, arms locked at his neck. He grabbed something from the kitchen.

He dropped me on his bed, we kept kissing. Half and hour later, I tugged his shirt: "Are you sure?" "Yes."  I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened next. I won't go to details.

  After the moment, we lay naked in bed. Niall's hand traced up and down my collar bone. I was on  top of him, my hands on top of his chest, my chin resting in them. I was looking at his gorgeous face. We both were bathed in sweat, the sheets and duvet were literaly glued to us. I leaned to his face, we crashed lips. "I love you, Bella."  "I love you too"... and I sure did.


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