From the Caribbean to the British Isles

Isabela lived in a town of sandy, blue watered beaches. After graduating High School, she's accepted to Cambridge University under the ideas of becoming a world known journalist. Upon arriving to the U.K. she realizes she knows nothing about the country she is in now. But in an unsightly miracle she get help from a mysterious figure. Let's see what Isabela from Isabela will find in her adventures in the U.K.

*somethings might be written in Spanish concerning my roots.*


14. Red hair and Alexander McQueen

Authors note:

Sorry about the last two chapters being sooooo short. I kind of had very good ones for it but, I was anxious so I wrote very sloppy chapters. I'm very sorry. Hope this next chapter makes up for it. Again, very sorry.




I agreed on seeing my grandmother soon. After our very exciting day, we went back to the hotel and played truth or dare. When it was my turn I picked dare. I know, stupid me. Wait it gets worst. It was Harry's turn to ask the question. Yes, I am very stupid. He dared me to dye my hair red.

  So here I am dying my hair red. What no one knows is that it will come out as soon as I wash my hair. I just removed the dye, and am blow drying it. I give myself a look. God! I look like Gwen! Let's explain, Brida and Moira are twins. They look like me, before the red hair. Really dark hair, but light brown eyes and dimply cheeks. Which I don't have. Maura, (Yeah like Niall's mom. No coincidence, I do have a cousin named that way) has brown red hair and green eyes and has a very freckled nose. She looks awesome. And Gwen (Gweneviera, her full name, which never uses.) had dirty blond hair, which she dyed red when she was 13. Like a red velvet cake. She has dark brown eyes, which kinda ruins the the typical Irish girl look.

Seamus and the twins have light brown hair and blue eyes. The twins are Mcclintock and Seamus is O'Riley.  How lovely, I might say my family is great, even if it's crazy. 

Back to reality, I went to the living room where they waited to see the results. "Oh My God! You look awesome. I love the color!" Lou said. He loves the color red as much as I do. "God, you look like Gwen." Alex said. " Yes she does, Alexander McQueen!" Lou said. "Alexander McQueen?" I asked. "He's been calling me that since before the X factor. When he was 17 maybe. I don't know." Alex said. "I thought you'd get tired of calling me that by now." "Nope, it still seems to annoy you. Which is the same." Lou said cheefully. A crazy lad he is.

  I said goodnight to the guys and went to sleep. My sleeping was interupted by my phone ringing.  It was Brida calling. What did she want now?

Isabella: "Hello?"

Brida: "Hey, Nana said she'd see you today for lunch. She said to bring Alex and the rest of the guys with you. She wants to meet them, and see Alex again. She said to meet her at her house here at Orlando."

Isabella:" I'm gonna need the address if I want to get there."

Brida:" It's st. Cloud Blv. Boogy Creek, street Power Giralt. House 12. You'll see the Irish flag. That's it."

Isabella:" Thanks. See you later. Umm, Nana mention anything about the clothing."

Brida: "Casual, well her standards for casual. She's making me wear a dress. I don't know th others. She also mentioned something about Dublin, but I'm not sure what. You should get ready. She said you should be here before tea time, which is still 3 o'clock."

She hung up. And did I have to get ready. Let's say my Nana wouldn't take my red hair well. When Gwen dyed it red she almost had a heart attack. Little Isabella couldn't do that. So, I had to wash it. But before I had to wake up the rest.

Luckily, they were awake, "Guys, get ready, my Nana is expecting us at her Summer house here in Orlando before tea time. You got 3 hours for that. Use them wisely." With that I walked away and heard a fuzz on my way back to my room. I washed my hair. It was back to normal, YES! Something out of the check list. Casual in Nana's view is a pretty dress, and cute stuff. In a boy it's chino's and a button down shirt. I'm sure Alex told them how. She'd be ok with the tattoos and piercings, after all my aunts and uncles had a few.

I put on a navy blue A-line dress that stopped an inch on top of my knees, some silver sandals, and let my hair wild and loose. I looked mighty fine. I grabbed my phone and waited for the rest. "What happened to the red hair?" Jessie asked. "If my Nana saw it she would die at the spot. I can't take that risk. Not after my Pappa's death. It's been too much on her. It's been years and she hasn't recovered yet." I said.

  We went to the van and Alex drove. He knew the way. He'd been there before. He normally remembers everything. We got to the white Colonial house, with the big Irish flag on the roof. Nothing ostentacious, yeah, right. The bigger, the better. That was my Nana.

We walked the steps and I turned around to see the guys. They smiled reassuringly. I rung the door bell. I heard someone coming.  The door knob turned, and the door flew open.

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