From the Caribbean to the British Isles

Isabela lived in a town of sandy, blue watered beaches. After graduating High School, she's accepted to Cambridge University under the ideas of becoming a world known journalist. Upon arriving to the U.K. she realizes she knows nothing about the country she is in now. But in an unsightly miracle she get help from a mysterious figure. Let's see what Isabela from Isabela will find in her adventures in the U.K.

*somethings might be written in Spanish concerning my roots.*


6. Niamh

I watched the tv. Got a glimpse. And collapsed. Wait, I'm going too fast. When we got to the living room, the tv was on. Lou, Zayn, Harry and Jesse were in the kitchen counter. Alex was turning on the news. There was newspaper on the coffee table over the couch. I sat between Alex and Bianca (Bianca is an old friend of Zayn. They use to date, until they broke up 2 years ago. Now, she and Alex are a couple.) Bianca looked at me with a scowl. I took the newspaper. It was in Spanish, from my homeplace. But it was dated to September 25, 2012, two months ago. How odd. The news shifted to international news. The name Puerto Rico spread across the screen in big, bold letters. The news lady began:

 It's been a week since the revolutionary party ceased fire against the U.S. Army troops. Ex-gobernor L.F. Gautier, announced that the revolutionary party had withdrawn all action against the U.S. But, they warned that if any more troops enetered the island, they would pay vigorously. In an attempt of peace, U.S. troops came in, while holding a white flag of peace. The revolutionary party entered the home of Puertorican citizen and North American coaperator, Julio de Leon Domenech. In his very residence in the once capitol city of San Juan, he was murdered along his wife, Maria del Pilar Allende Power, daughter of Brida Niamh Power, and three of their children, Liam de Leon Allende, Ana Belen de Leon Allende, Nichola Siobhan de Leon Allende. Their youngest daughter, Isabella Niamh de Leon Allende, is currently in Europe. She was allowed English nationality, since she is a refugee. Brida Power, is currently in Washington D.C. discussing the political statement of her now and eighteen year old grand daughter. The de Leon Domenech family was also found murdered in their home in the North western area. The revolutionary party has allowed Ms. de Leon Allende to come to Puerto Rico to retrieve all of her belongings and every memoir she wishes to take of her deceased family.  The U.S. is deciding if they will allow the independence of Puerto Rico. Mean while, the Secretary of Justice in Puerto Rico by the U.S.,  James Morrison, was allowed to flee the country and reunite with his children in the U.S. Both, Marianne and Julian Morrison Giralt are in U.S. territory bounds. Now, a moment of silence for all the souls lost in the combat. And to Mrs. Power and Ms. de Leon Allende, our dearest respects. May you get the streghnt you need.

 I collapsed. I started to sob, then to cry even harder. Until all you could hear from me was screaming. They killed them. Every one. My entire family, dead. Boom! And I hadn't even known the revolution had begun. Alex looked for more information on the internet.  When I calmed down a bit he explained when the revolution began. When that came out of his mouth I started sobbing again.

  I don't know who carried me to my room. All I know is that I cried and cried. Oh and did I mention I cried alot? All I did was lay down in bed, cry, take a shower, cry and go to sleep. That pretty much happened for a week. Then, one day I woke up and there was someone sitting next to me. I saw a ball of messy, blond hair. Why was Niall in my room? Let alone my bed? I shook him awake. His blue eyes shot open it scared me a bit. "Oh, you're awake." He said between a yawn. "Yeah. How long have been out?" "Around 12 hours. It's 1 pm now." "Oh..." I trailed off. "So, Isabella Niamh?" He asked. So he got my second name huh? "Did I mention my grandmother's Irish?" "No, you didn't mention that." He said while sitting. I sat next to him. "Sorry, guess it never came up until now." "So, how you feeling?" He meant about my family's murder.

"I'm better. Calmer. Back to the Niamh. It's written different. An H at the end. Not like the result of Niall and Liam, Niam." "Why did they call you that?" He asked. I don't blame him, it's hard to see the Irish traits in me. "Cuz, my grandma wouldn't let us go around without an Irish name on us. The only lucky one was Ana Belen. But I ended up with Niamh." I said. "I like the Niamh. Better that than Siobhan." Niall said. Nice, was he flirting? I don't know. I got out of bed and grabbed some clothes. I would go to Walgreens. I needed certain things. After I took a shower, shaved and washed my hair, I came to the room. I forgot Niall was there cuz I came out in underwear with a towel in my head. "Bella, not that you don't have a pretty body, but save that for your Victoria's Secret contract ok?" He said. "Shit! Sorry Niall, forgot you were here. I just took a pajama out instead of normal clothes. Sorry!" I said. I was blushing. I put some baby blue shorts and a red Jack Wills jumper. Did I mention red is my lucky color? "Okay Niall you can look, I'm just looking for my black toms." He looked. Then got up. 

We left the room. When Alex saw me, he hugged me. Lou, got in the hug. Then next thing I know, it was group hug."Can't... breath... need... air! DIE!" I managed to say. They let go of me. "Well, I'm off to Walgreens. Need anything?" I asked. "YES! I need carrots!" Louis shouted. "I'll go with you, I think Harry's list will be far too complicated for you to understand." Nial said. The girls wrote down what they wanted on a list and gave it to me. "I'll go, Niall, you can handle the food. I'll manage the guys' list. Just don't eat all of it." Alex said. 

So, we got in the van, and drove to Walgreens. We each grabbed a shopping cart. I went to where the girl stuff would be and Alex handle the guy stuff. Niall went running towards the food. I still had no idea how he could fit so much food in his body. When I was done with the girl stuff, I went towards the sweets aisle. I had a sweet tooth. I grabbed 5 huge bags of red liccorice. And some huge bags of gummy bears for Harry. Alex liked gummy worms, so I grabbed a bag or two. Went to the healthy food section and grabbed 16 huge bags of baby carrots. Louis should finish those by tomorrow morning. I remembered Zayn might like something, hair gel. I grabbed some icecream for Liam and a pack of forks. Yeah, that should do.

On my way to where I would find Niall, I bumped into someone I had not expected. My ex boyfriend Julian Morrison. Yeah, the guy mentioned on the news. He said hi, I said hi back, until Alex came and scowled at him. He walked away. I went towards Niall, he had his mouth full with potato chips. The shopping cart was full of food. And another one was behind the first, half full with food and bevarages. Shoot! My stomach growled. "I see you have liccorice. Can I have some?" Niall asked after he swallowed. "No! They're mine." I snapped. "You're lucky if she even lets you hold the bag. She loves liccorice." Alex said.

 We paid our stuff. The cash register girl started squeling when she saw Niall, she asked for an autograph. he gave it to her. When we got to the hotel, it took all of use to take everything out of the van. It was all piled in 2 rows. Niall alone had 20 bags. Nice huh? I carried the bags with carrots. Lou was with his back the kitchen floor. "Here, carrots." I said. I threw a bag at him. "Thanks!" "Wait I'm not finished." I threw 3 more. "Tha-" "Still not finished!" I yelled. I threw the rest of the bags at him. "ALEX< I'M GOING TO MARRY BELLA! SHE GOT ME 16 HUGE BAGS OF CARROTS!" Lou yelled. He put the bags in the fridge and took a bag with him to the other side of the room the grabbed me and swung me over his shoulder. He didn't let go of me until he ate at least half of the bag of carrots.


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