From the Caribbean to the British Isles

Isabela lived in a town of sandy, blue watered beaches. After graduating High School, she's accepted to Cambridge University under the ideas of becoming a world known journalist. Upon arriving to the U.K. she realizes she knows nothing about the country she is in now. But in an unsightly miracle she get help from a mysterious figure. Let's see what Isabela from Isabela will find in her adventures in the U.K.

*somethings might be written in Spanish concerning my roots.*


12. Mr. Kavannagh

Alex's P.O.V.

I was kind of mad that she was with Niall. At least she was happy. I had every single shot with her. And I screwed it. "Louis William Tomlinson, I need your flabberjastic wisdom." That did it. We walked out the room. He had shades and a hoodie, and a carrot. No one would know that's Louis Tomlinson.

We didn't speak. " What do I do?" I asked. " you had a thousand opportunities. You took none. If you are meant to be, she will come." That sort of helped.

Isabella's pov

Alex and Lou had been gone for a really long time. The others were watching a soccer game. Spain vs. Portugal. Should be good. Just then the missing lot walked through the door.

Oh Mr. Kavannagh. If you knew how Gwen feels.

We went shopping later on. The next day after Harry posted a pic of me and Niall in Twitter I freaked out.

That day we went to Hollywood Studios. We saw my cousins Brida, Maura, Moira, Gwen, Seamus and the twins. Brida freaked out when she saw Niall. And Gwen got sad when she found out Alex had a girlfriend.

I felt bad. My grandfather had died a few years ago and now my grandmother lost her daughter. It must be harsh. We scheduled a meeting with my grandma, she wanted to see me, her little Isabella Power.

I checked the photo in twitter, @Isabella Power had over 3 million new followers. Shit! How did they find out that's me?
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