From the Caribbean to the British Isles

Isabela lived in a town of sandy, blue watered beaches. After graduating High School, she's accepted to Cambridge University under the ideas of becoming a world known journalist. Upon arriving to the U.K. she realizes she knows nothing about the country she is in now. But in an unsightly miracle she get help from a mysterious figure. Let's see what Isabela from Isabela will find in her adventures in the U.K.

*somethings might be written in Spanish concerning my roots.*


16. Memories

I am soooooooo sorry for taking soooooo long to update.  I've had rehearsals for Puerto Rico's Discovery celebration for school. I am sooooo happy for over 500 views. Thank you! It makes me very happy.

                       -Annette Marie



"Looks like Louis likes Tarah." I said. I had just taken a shower. Niall was in my bedroom with my laptop on Twitter. "You don't sound happy about it" He said. I wasn't happy with alot of things going on. I wasn't okay with the whole Tarah and Louis thing. But Louis was happy, which made it a little less weird. I didn't say it aloud, though.

"I'm just tired. My Nana seemed to like you. That's good!" I said. He flashed me a grin. Who ever said braces weren't cool was terribly wrong! Niall looked amazing, as ever. "She's a very cheerful woman, considering all she's gone through." He sighed. " You never told me you ran away when you were 12, why not?" He asked, he was serious now.

  I looked around the room. This was a conversation I was not ready for. " My parents, they were never supportive with my ideas. I was the weird child. So, I got tired of it. I packed my stuff, grabbed my passport from the safe, bought a ticket to Dublin, and didn't look back." I looked at him. He watched intently. He knew there was more to it.

  I took a deep breath and continued "On my way to the airport, I threw my phone across the bay, I paid the driver and bought a card phone in a stand. I boarded the plane, and reached Dublin. I was under my Nana's care for a month. She didn't dare call my parents. But my god parents weren't so supporting. I was back in three days." I said. I wasn't mad, just frustrated.

Niall gave me a big, Horan hug. I shed a few tears. He held me close for a while. "Thanks for not judging me. " I said after a while. He kissed me tenderly. "You're welcome, princess. Dublin took good care of you. But I sure wish you had gone to Mullingar. I would have been happy to have you." I smiled, it had been so long since I had smiled for real.

 I fell asleep in Niall's arms. I don't know when I woke up, but it felt like forever since I'd seen the sun. I got out of bed and got ready in the bathroom. I went back to the room after showering and making myself suitable. Niall was still asleep. I grinned. I picked random clothing from my drawers, and went back to the bathroom.

  I had dark blue jeans, an ivory henley, and a brown belt. Those should look amazing with my brown ballet flats. Don't ask how I managed to carry so much clothing on a trip, I bought alot when I went shopping. I put my hair on a pony tail with my bangs loose. Yep, preppy cute.

  I went to the hall and smelled food. Time to wake up Nialler. All I did was open the door and wait till the smell filled the air. He would be awake in no time. 3,2,1! He got up and ran. I went after him. My asumptions were correct, he was shoving down some pancakes. "Leave any for me?" He grumbled something that sound like hurmph. That's  my guy. Louis walked to the room with a Superman t- shirt and red jeans. " Smells lovely, I shall eat!" and so he did.

"Here, these should make it better." I handed him a bag of carrots. He shoved some down. I had some pancakes before the rest appeared. Lexi had cooked and it was delicious.

  Niall got ready, and we left for my Nana's. She said she wanted to spend more time with us. She would have a pool party. Yep, wonderful. I was never fond of pools but it brought memories.

Isabella age 3

I not going to the pool. I get wet. Ana Belen wet me. She mean. Liam push her to pool. That funny.

Isabella age 8

"Alex, no! I'm not going in the pool!" Splash! He trew me in the pool. Best Summer ever!

Isabella age 15

It was a pool party. Every one in my classroom was there. I was not geeting in the pool. I would look ugly. Plain ugly. Oh my God! Julian was there! I have had a crush on him since I was 9! But, Alex came around. Jeez!

Pools were never good. I could drown. I get paranoid near pools. It relates me to bad things.  I, umm fell in the river that I trew my phone in. we have mutual dislikes.

Yeah, I am weird.


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