From the Caribbean to the British Isles

Isabela lived in a town of sandy, blue watered beaches. After graduating High School, she's accepted to Cambridge University under the ideas of becoming a world known journalist. Upon arriving to the U.K. she realizes she knows nothing about the country she is in now. But in an unsightly miracle she get help from a mysterious figure. Let's see what Isabela from Isabela will find in her adventures in the U.K.

*somethings might be written in Spanish concerning my roots.*


11. Irish Creme

I pretty much woke up a few hours later. I was in Niall's arms. I was about to go back to sleep when a ringing noise started. Niall's eyes flutered open. He reached for the phone across the bedside stand. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing, just that it's November 19..." "Puerto Rico's discovery day. Why would you want to remember that?" I said. He's Irish, he didn't have to. "Cuz it's important to you. It has to do with you." I'm pretty sure I teared up a bit.

"What time is it?" I asked, "6:30, why?" "The others must be asleep. I should go change; can I borrow a shirt?" He nodded. I put on my underwear and saw Niall put on his boxers. He handed me a light blue shirt. I gave him a peck on the lips and walked out of the room. He was right, the rooms were silent.

I went to my room and shut the door. I put last night's clothes in the drawer. Still clean. Grabbed some underwear and went to the bathroom. I took a warm shower, washed my hair and shaved my legs again. I securely wrapped a towel around me and got myself decent. I dried my hair and put on some moisture riser and a bit of powder. Washed my teeth and went back to the room to get dressed.

I put on some calf length jeans a white Henley and black toms. That should do, I grabbed my phone and wallet and went to the hall to get Niall. He was there, shaved and smelling like a hundred bucks. "Thought we could go get breakfast." I nodded. So we went to Subway.

I was very empty. My phone started ringing. I.d. Caller Harry Styles the Sexy Beast. "Hi Hazza!" "Bella you forgot about our date!" Harry flirted with me a lot. " bella, were are you?" Liam asked. "I'm with Niall, daddy." He hates that. "Could you get breakfast, please?" "Sure" " We'll talk when you get back." He hung up.

We got it to go. We had a quiet breakfast. Until Harry asked if any one got 'action' last night. Everyone nodded except Niall and me. He looked at me. It was like 'don't say anything'. But Harry had to sit on my lap. I winced, I was soooo sore. He laughed. "Guess NiAll's a liar!" And so, they found out about Niall and me.

Alex left abruptly. I didn't say anything. I felt guilty. Alex had been my first kiss. The first person to touch me like really hard. He felt me up on senior year. We almost had sex, twice. I guess I thought college would give a shot with him. But it brought me Niall. Oh shit!
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