one chance at true love

every girls dream is to date these super hot british boys that we call one direction. well one lucky girls dream is about to come true when harry styles accidentally sends her a txt message thinking shes someone else! will she be harrys girl or just another crazed fan??


9. the concert

ed sang a couple more songs and then he left. Cher Lloyd came out in a very cute hot pink dress. the song want you back started to play and hannah, mariah, taylor, and mackenzie danced and had so much fun! this song made her think of will for some reason, but that thought quickly got deleted, and she just enjoyed herself! Cher sang a couple of songs that they didn't know that well but they still danced anyways! they were pretty tired after that but they had lots of energy when the boys video started playing! harry came on the screen and hannah smiled and screamed with everything's shes got! he made her heart melt. she screamed when every boy came on! at the end of the video the lights went out and then a bunch of smoke came out and the lights flashed on and the boys were rising from the ground. the crowd went wild and hannah screamed with all her strength1 harry's eyes met hers and he winked. she smiled. the crowd went wild even though they didn't know who he winked at. she doesn't  think harry was trying to hide anything cause he kept looking at her and winking. during one thing he came up to her and grabbed her hand and kissed it. it made the crowd wonder who this mystery girl is. it was the best night of her life. she was sure by the next morning my life was never going to be the same. she was  sure they would have pictures of him kissing her hand. she bets its going to be in magazines, newspapers, maybe even on tv! she doesn't know how they did it but after the concert she was checking my twitter and fans had found me and asked if she was the "mystery girl". she didn't answer because she wasn't sure if harry wanted anyone to know, but from the looks of it he didn't care! she got to thinking about it and wondered if this was a good decision. this could and probably already has ruin her social life! well its sorta to late to turn back now. she was falling hard and fast to harry and she wasn't turning back now!
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