one chance at true love

every girls dream is to date these super hot british boys that we call one direction. well one lucky girls dream is about to come true when harry styles accidentally sends her a txt message thinking shes someone else! will she be harrys girl or just another crazed fan??


2. texting styles

suddenly the most amazing thing happened to hannah. her phone buzzed and she looked at the message and left out a little screech and covered her mouth! "WHAT?!" taylor and mariah yelled. she showed them the screen which said, "hey this is harry styles:) remember u cant tell anyone my number cause we don't want everyone to know....:)" "AHHHH!!!!!", they screamed. everyone in the hallway turned and looked at them. they looked around and then started laughing when everyone went back to normal. after there giggle fit they started to silently fangirl. hannah looked at them, "WHAT SHOULD I SAY?!?!" taylor replied,"idk??" so she began to type..."i think you have the wrong number.... but... OMG!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! oh and trust me i wont tell anyone...." he replied shortly, "oh sorry... lol i love you too!!! i love all  my fans!!" "AHHHH!!!"  they screamed. everyone looked at us again. they didn't care they continued to fangirl! "ok ok ok...", mariah said, "we need to calm down.... JUST KIDDING!!! AHHHH!!!" she quickly sent, "omg so wat r u doin?;)" they all anxiously waited for a reply. he sent one quickly sent one, "nm with the boys chillin:) u?

she replied, "at school:/"

"oh what grade r u in?"

"11th ;)"

"oh send me a pic of u"

this made hannah, mariah, and taylor scream! "OMG! WAT PICTURE SHOULD I SEND?!"  she said. "OH!" mariah said, "send the one of you when we were at the beach and you were in front of the water." "oh ok!" hannah said.

she sent the pic.

he replied... she was so scared to read the text but she did. "your very pretty love;)" 


she replied, "OMG thank you;)"

hahaha;) the prettiest fan i've seen;) where do you live?"

this made them scream even more! she replied,  "birmingham, england"

"oh i think we r going there in a few months... we should get to know each other then maybe we can meet up?;)"

"yaaa;)" she replied nonchalantly but he couldn't here me and my friends screaming!

"ya well ill talk to you later i gtg byee ;)"

"byeee;)" she replied while smirking.

"OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED??!! PINCH ME IM DREAMING!" Suddenly she felt taylor pinch me. "OUCH!" hannah yelped! "what?" she said, " you said to pinch you!" they all laughed until the 2 minute bell interrupted there good time. they all looked at each other than ran to there locker and threw there stuff in there and ran to class. 
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