one chance at true love

every girls dream is to date these super hot british boys that we call one direction. well one lucky girls dream is about to come true when harry styles accidentally sends her a txt message thinking shes someone else! will she be harrys girl or just another crazed fan??


6. its official!

he took her into the dressing room and she sat down on the cabinet and crossed her legs and swung them childishly. he smiled and let out a laugh. She giggled with him. finally he broke the science," you know you really are the most gorgeous girl i've seen and its only fate that brought us together... i mean what are the chances that i got your number by accident?" she smiled," i know... " he got closer and closer to me until our lips were touching. he kissed her lips softly. he pulled apart and they rested there foreheads on each other, they were both smiling. "harry," she said. ""yes?" he said softly. "how are we gonna do this?... i mean your on tour and-" he cut me off and said," i really like you hannah! we r gonna be here for a week and i'm gonna spend every minute with you..." she smiled. he smiled back and kissed her softly again. they pulled apart, he helped hannah off the counter, and they walked out into the waiting room with there hands locked. mariah looked at her with her eyebrows raised, but hannah just smiled. it was silent, everyone was just staring at them. finally harry broke the silence and said everyone i would like you to meet my new girlfriend hannah. everyone looked shocked to see that harry had a girlfriend because he never really got serious with a girl to where they were actually going out. after a couple of funny surprised faces everyone cheered! harry and hannah embraced in a warm hug that hannah was going to get used to very soon.
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