one chance at true love

every girls dream is to date these super hot british boys that we call one direction. well one lucky girls dream is about to come true when harry styles accidentally sends her a txt message thinking shes someone else! will she be harrys girl or just another crazed fan??


15. Happiness:)

The next morning Hannah woke up at around 10:00 am. This morning was different though. He wasn't tired or sad. She was really happy! She checked her phone and she had 2 messages from Harry (a.k.a Cookie Monster cause he had changed it) and they said

Beautiful day outside.... Maybe u could come on a second date with me around 1?;)

The second one said,

I can pic u up:)<3

She smiled wildly while dazing at her phone. All the sudden her door flung open. "Ayyeee little sis what up?!" It was her brother Aaron who had been at college. She was so exited and shocked that she got up and jumped into his arms! She had always been close to her brother. She remembered all the good memories they had with eachother. "What are you doing here?! I've missed you!" She said while still in a warm embrace with him. "We'll I've sorta missed you too so I just you know... Came down to see you," He replied sarcastically. She playfully slapped him across the arm. She didn't think she could be any happier right now. Her heart was beating so fast. It was a good thing though. All this excitement was overwhelming! She couldn't imagine what else could possibly make her happier?

Her brother motioned his hand for her to walk out the door in front of him. She was about to take a step when she remembered she needed to text Harry back. She held her finger up to show 1 sec and swiftly went and grabbed her phone. Again she was smiling wildly re-reading the text. Harry just sorta has that effect on people;) her brother stretched his neck out to see her phone but only got a glimpse before Hannah locked it and hid it. "Who is "cookie monster" heart heart heart-" but he was cut off by Hannah elbowing him right in the stomach. She just continued to skip to the stairs looking back with a devilish smile. "HEY THAT WASN'T VERY NICE!" Aaron yelled. Hannah continued to skip down the stairs before she felt someone garb her arm and she got jerked back. "It's ok I already know Harry styles is your boyfriend," he muffled in a disgusted tone and rolled his eyes. "Why the attitude?" "Because...." He was shortly cut off. "Because you are jealous you can't get beautiful girls like me?" Hannah said wittily. "Pshh! Please I already have the perfect girl! Mia.... Remember?" "Ya I remember... I was just kidding!" Hannah never liked Mia. She was always quiet and seemed like a brat. She glared at Hannah everytime she's we her, it was like Hannah was an evil person. She couldn't bear the thought of her being her sister in law and having to spend the best days of the year (Christmas, thanksgiving etc....) with such an irritated person.

She continued down the stairs this time with her mood suddenly changed. She didn't want this to ruin her good day she was having so she took out her phone and replied to Harry.

Sounds good! See u soon!<3
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