one chance at true love

every girls dream is to date these super hot british boys that we call one direction. well one lucky girls dream is about to come true when harry styles accidentally sends her a txt message thinking shes someone else! will she be harrys girl or just another crazed fan??


12. best day ever:)

when they got to one directions rent house, the boys were all with there dates outside and they were running around and having a good time. they pulled in the drive way, and she got sorta nervous because she forgot that the other girls were gonna be there. harry had been holding her hand and she didn't realize that she was squeezing it really tight. he asked,"what are you nervous about?" "nothing," she replied. he continued anyways," if its the other girls, don't be nervous they are really nice and fun to be around they will love you!" she sighed,"ok." they got out of the car and everyone stopped what they were doing. they came over to us and all the girls came over to hannah. they gave her a big hug and exclaimed,"welcome to the family!" she smiled and said thanks! harry was about to introduce me to all of them, then they just started to introduce themselves. she laughed as harry made a confused face at me. she finally introduced herself. she didn't want to be known as a shy girl so she tried to be open and confident. she had to admit that she wished her best friends were there to make her feel a little more comfortable. 
          "let me just tell you," eleanor said looking at harry," harry talks about you ALOT, ever since the day you two started texting! he always said how-".  she was cut off by a very red harry, "ok, should i show you inside?" hannah laughed,"sure!" he grabbed her hand and took her inside. before he walked in the door he glanced back at eleanor and she shrugged. when we walked inside he showed me all around. when he was finished he turned towards me and pulled me close,"well i never got to say good morning..." he kissed me. "good morning to you too!" she said smiling. some people might say they move fast but really they have known each other for 7 months! they had always liked each other, so i guess since they can actually see each other they want to be affectionate. 
             they went back outside and danielle and Liam were holding hands and spinning fast! suddenly danielle fell in the grass and everyone burst out laughing! Liam reached down to pick her up and when she stood up she had grass stains on her butt. everyone burst out laughing again! danielle covered he butt and ran inside to change. after that everyone went and spun around. harry and hannah were spinning and they fell.... right on top of each other... they stared into each others eyes for a minute and then they heard louis whistle and they quickly got up. 
              they had an amazing day! hannah really liked the other girls and the boys! when harry was about to drive her home he came out in a suit. she said," why are you so dressed up?" he told her when she got home he wanted her to change into something really nice cause he was going to take her on a date. she agreed and was really exited so when she got home she ran up stairs and changed. she changed into her floral print ruffle dress. she made sure her hair  looked good and then put on her pink heels. 
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