one chance at true love

every girls dream is to date these super hot british boys that we call one direction. well one lucky girls dream is about to come true when harry styles accidentally sends her a txt message thinking shes someone else! will she be harrys girl or just another crazed fan??


3. am i lucky or what?

the bell rang right when hannah got into her class. the teacher glared at her and she went to her desk and sat down smiling. she couldn't seem to stop smiling no matter how hard she tried. her friend, Aubrey, who sat next to her couldn't help but ask why she kept smiling. hannah smiled even more and said, "oh nothing..." Aubrey gave her an unconvinced look, "seriously? is it a boy?" it made her smile even more, "well yes..." "Well who is it??" she looked at her with a serious face, "i cant tell you but i'm sure you'll find out eventually just forget about it..." she gave her a sad face and said, "okkkkayyyy."
       the whole period she tried to focus on math but how can you focus on something so boring after something so AMAZING just happened to you??
      after a long boring day of school and daydreaming she finally got home and taylor and mariah came with her. she called her other best friend who was on vacation and was coming back tonight and told her all about it and they all fan girled. hannah looked at her phone and saw one new message from harry, "hey how was school?" she answered, "boring as usual:/"
they had a long conversation. 
      after a couple of days of texting harry asked her if she wanted to Skype? she said yes with no hesitation. a few months passed and they had become very close. one day harry was on Skype with her and said, "hannah do you have tickets to our concert in your town?" "ya!" she exclaimed. well if you don't mind, which i'm sure you wont, i'm going to email you about 5 backstage v.i.p passes to see us!" she let out a little squeal and covered my mouth," ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!" "I'm pretty serious," he said giggling. she thanked him about a million times and he laughed and said no problem.
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