First Time. Chapter 1.

(n/a) is struggling in her life to open up to love, but destiny has something I store for her just around the corner.


1. Open windows

An 18 year old girl named (n/a) lived in a small town named Belmont and she was very humble. She would always be the type of girl that would give so much to people and never expect anything back, always smiling, keeping out of trouble, but yet very insecure. She never opened up her heart to love. Then yet destiny was calling right around the corner to change that.

Her best friend Bella came by over to her house one afternoon, where the neighborhood would be at its very quietest. She urged her to come with her to a double date on a Friday night at a carnival. Yet, her answer always seemed to be "no." Bella eased off a bit to see if she'll change her mind overtime.

"Pleeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeee.....!" Bella nagging all day to (n/a)..... "I'm not going to be doing this forever (n/a)! You know that youll eventually need to open your heart up to somebody in your life one day, and I don't know why you can't do this one little thing for me!" In a frustrated tone. "your always saying that you'll always have my back, you won't ever let me down, and look at what your doing. I really like this boy, and if you can't help me by spending a few hours with another guy then I don't know what else to say! I'm not asking for a lot...." (n/a) replied. "Uhmm.... Yes you are Bella! And I always am there for you, but your just too blind to see that because your sellfish! Do you ever care about how I feel? I've never had any relationship with a guy, and when I do want my feelings to be 100% true for him! I don't want to remember my first date with a guy from just a blind date! You've been nagging me all day today, and I'm sick of it! I think it's actually better off that I'm not going so then I wouldn't have to ruin anything especially with how we're discussing right now," Bella left speechlessly making her way to the car.

The next day when (n/a) was at work, she saw Bella surprisingly before her lunch break. " Hey can we talk over lunch? Please." (n/a) agreed hoping maybe the situation between the two of them would get better. "Look (n/a), I was being sellfish and I am terribly sorry for how I was treating you yesterday, and the things that I've told you. I should've known better, your my bestfriend and I should've been there for you. If you don't wanna go to the blind date with me it's ok. I'll make up a reason on why you cant come. I don't want our relationship to end because of a boy." "I accept your apology, and you don't have to make up a lie, because I'm coming with you to that blind date because I know how much it means to you." (n/a) feeling sorry for Bella because she realizes that she does need to be there more of her more. "Are you serious !?! Thank you, thank you so much!"

Friday, 6:30pm."Hey Niall! I'm so glad to see you with your friend! Harry, (n/a), (n/a), Harry." Harry was cute, and you never know maybe we will turn out as good friends. "Hi nice to meet you Harry." "Nice to meet you...." "Well We'lll just let the two of you hit it off... Ahah shall we Niall?" "Well yes we shall, Cheerio!" Leaving me and Harry, who is also a complete stranger to me behind. Harry suggested that we should go have fun or something, and tried putting up a conversation trying to make me feel more comfortable with him. I had the greatest time of my life, and also trying not to make it obvious that it was my first date with anybody. But as the night became older I picked up feelings for him. Not necessarily comfortable with what was happening, but I was happy with him. By the time we grew out of boredom, we decided to go to the beach and look at the stars. The whole night we told stories about our life, about ourselves, and etc. Then it came to me that maybe it would be better if I told him that it was my first date with anybody. I mean I have nothing left to lose, I assumed after I told him we would still be friends, and besides I haven't kissed the guy yet.
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