Pegasus Crilltchy and the Sapphire Stones of Alexandria

About a girl called Lesley Crilltchy who is a secret spy belonging to the R.C.A. She encounters many challenges and faces many villians.


1. One Mission to Another

© All Rights Reserved. Any further distribution of this story is illegal. This story belongs to mickymomo- aka Morayo.

As she charged, I felt her glowering power surge into the air. She removed her masked face to reveal a dark cold, icy face of diamonds. Confused, my hands grew numb against my sword and my knuckles became pale. She lurched towards me and tried to chop my head clean off my shoulders, but I ducked, letting her lose control of her sword. I then rolled behind her stabbing her in the back. As she groaned in utter pain, I fled the scene as soon as I could.

I climbed up the stairs of the deserted and secluded building with struggle. Once I reached the top, I heard her climbing after me, every step with a groan or cry of pain. I sprinted into one of the empty rooms and desperately tried to open a dusty window. But I couldn’t the window was stuck.

“I’m coming!” I heard her scream. I tried again, adrenaline pumping through my veins, beads of sweat formed on my head and my fingers grew sore with pain. I looked around the room, almost to tears. Fear took over me when I noticed a sunken door at the end of the room. I opened it with hope and it swung open, revealing me to the busy city outside.

I was standing in the storm, rain pouring down on me. But she was coming after me. I saw a ladder going down the side of the building. I did a leap of faith and fell. I screamed as the dodgy bricks tore through my jacket. I tried to grab hold of the ladder but I missed. Waiting for my death, my jacket was hi-jacked by a brick that was sticking out.

So I hung from the tall building, miles from the ground. I could either wait until my jacket was torn through fully or I could take off one of my sleeves and reach for the ladder. I chose option B.

I struggled angrily out of my jacket, which tore my jacket more. I hung from one arm, pressing my soggy trainers against the mismatched bricks which propelled me towards the ladder. But I still couldn’t reach.

I had to try, otherwise, everything would fail. And, I wasn’t taking chances with that. Again, I tried with upmost effort, and not surprisingly, it worked. As I got a firm grip of the ladder, I climbed up, dragging my arm out of my jacket. Then, I descended, quickly, a little too quickly. My trainer slipped, and I fell forward knocking my chin on the rungs on the ladder as I fell. Blood started to pour out of my chin like sugar through a sieve. I grabbed a hold of a rung and started descending again, slower. She was gaining on me speedily. I used my last resource, if this didn’t work, then it was bye- bye world.

“Cornelia!” I shouted. She looked down, smiling with evil. I threw my sword upwards and said the word under my breath ‘Up’, the sword grew wings, flew and with one neat cut, sliced her head clean off her boxed shoulders. I screamed with joy, as the sword flew back to me.


It was daylight, when I arrived back at the headquarters. Feeling pleased; with myself I placed my hand on the screen.

“Welcome back, Pegasus! We’ve been expecting you, and so is Blackout, she wants you in her office, promptly!” The face of Emma Clinche , the receptionist, flickered on the screen.

“Thanks Emma!” I exclaimed.

The metal barred doors, opened and I sauntered inside the reception. As usual it was empty. Only Emma was sitting at the desk, communicating with other rookies. I grinned at Emma, as I made my way upstairs, to Blackout’s office. Of course, when I entered, Blackout was busy on her computer, typing away like mad, while sipping some strong black coffee.

“Ah! Pegasus! I see you’ve retained your place here at R.C.A (Rookie Cadet Academy)!” Blackout sourly greeted me, not looking up.

“No ‘HELLO’!  Or even an ‘Oh I’m so glad you’re back!” I complained. Blackout laughed, and stood up. She came and gave me a big hug. If you're confused about her sudden change in attitude it's because Blackout is really like a second Mum to me.

“So, tell me! Was it easy to kill Cornelia?” Blackout asked, as she sat beside me on the round desk.

“Of course not in reality for other people! But when it’s me- piece of cake!” I lied, laughing nervously.

“I knew you’d be able to do it! You’re my most talented and trusted cadet, Pegasus and don’t you forget it!” Blackout smiled. “Okay, now I know you’ve just got back-

“But there’s something else I need to do. What is it? Slaying zombies? Ooh, ooh how about fighting the Kane gang! I’ve got it-

“PEGASUS!” Blackout hushed me. “I’m talking a serious mission!  A mission so serious, you will have to pick 3 other rookies to come with you!”

WHAT?” I shouted, in utter horror. “I don’t need anyone’s help. You just said-

“I know what I just said! But I want you to be impervious! Now, I’ve actually got a list 3 cadets which I think will be suitable  to come with you! Puzzle, Allure and Catapult. Now how does that sound?” Blackout questioned me.

“Allure, really? That’s fantastic!” I smiled- Allure is my best friend, and also my twin sister. Our parents had thrown us out when were 6 because of the powers we'd recieved. Judging by her name Allure, can persuade people to do anything she wants, but it only lasts for half an hour. I’m called Pegasus, so I good with horses, unicorns, seahorses and any other horse- like creature, long story short- I’m good with animals. Puzzle- he’s all about solving. Any puzzle he can do it. Within a flash. Catapult- He’s a skilled archer, flamethrower, cross bower, you name it. Anything to do with shooting, he’s your man.

“After you’ve rested, I want you, Allure, Puzzle and Catapult to come to my office, at 9.00 am sharp tomorrow!” Blackout told me. I nodded, excited and frustrated, that I would already have to go on another mission. I turned on my heel, my teeth gritted together.

“Oh and Pegasus! Don’t be late!” Blackout told me. Without answering, I shut the door behind me.

I walked downstairs and didn’t say a word to Emma, who I think had a perplexed look on her face. I walked underneath the  winding glass staircase and sauntered through the automatic double doors that faced me. I walked through the various fields and took in the wood- chuck air, and exhaled deeply. I loved the fields near my horse Kestrel’s stable, with the freshly- cut green grass, and red, yellow and green trees, and a mammoth paddocks for the horses.

I spotted Allure, sprinting towards me. I waved my arms frantically while padding over to her.

“Pegasus! Oh, I was so worried about you!” Allure panted, doubling over.

 I laughed, giving her a pat on the back

“I’ve got some bad news for me and good for you. Tomorrow Blackout wants us in her office 9 am sharp. We’ve got an assignment, a serious mission. You’re coming with me, along with Puzzle, Catapult and...Kestrel!”

“Really!” Allure said, eyes rounded. “Kestrel? She’s not… don’t bring her Peg! We're not allowed to take our animal companions. You’ll get into serious trouble. I’m talking suspension, expulsion, um erradi-

“Don’t worry sis! I’ve made up my mind and when I’m made up my mind…

“There’s no stopping you… I know, I know! Now look deep into my eyes, DO NOT-

I lookde into sister's eyes wondering what it was she wanted me to do. And then abruptly I started to feel dizzy but some my senses knocked in. My own sister was trying to brainwash me.

"ALLURE! STOP IT! I can't believe you would try to brainwash me!" I said, aghast.

“It’s not brainwashing, it’s persuading!” Allure corrected me. “Why, don’t you leave grooming Kestrel with me, I’m used to her now. Go and rest, so you’ll be able to wake up early tomorrow!”

I thanked Allure and left. Feeling awesome, I slowly sauntered to the dormitories, not knowing that within the shadows, something or someone was watching me…

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