The AppleTree

Apple Mollinue has always been intrigued by the apple tree at the bottom of the garden, ever since she realised that it was the reason for her name.

Harvey Comice recently moved house and his parents are desperately trying to get him to make friends with the new neighbours.

One girl. One boy. But what will happen when their paths cross in the presence of the mysterious apple tree???


3. Apple

I let out a long, tiresome sigh. The only subject mentioned in this house at the moment was the baby. 'What colour walls should we do?' 'What should we name him/her?' 'Apple, go and fetch your mother some food, she's ever so hungry now she's got the baby to feed as well'. I was sick of it. I wished and wished that I could escape and have complete freedom to do whatever I pleased. I stood up, a little too quickly, and banged my head on the bottom of the overhead cupboards.

"Ouch!" I cried, clutching my head. It didn't hurt, not exactly, but Gary didn't need to know that. He came over and said in despair, "Go outside. Give it some fresh air. Now don't bother me and your mother please, we're trying to come up with names for the baby." Well, so much for sympathy, I thought. Anyway, it gave me an excuse to go outside, at long last! I stepped out the door into the wild mass of green that was supposedly a 'garden' and breathed in the glorious clean air. I could feel the wind blowing through my hair and the long, overgrown plants tickled my legs as I ran through the garden to the apple tree that stood at the end. I sat on one of the thicker branches and listened to the birds' dawn chorus. Truly breath-taking. This apple tree was what gave me my name.

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