We all know the story of Persephone, she picked a rose, hades claimed her as his wife, mum showed up to save her. Persephone has to stay in the underworld for six months of the year, the end. Does anyone know what happened with her sister, does anyone even know she had a sister, the answer to that is no.Well this is the story of Claire, the goddess of animals and sister to Persephone.

Please give advice. thanks


2. Sisters

Hades' P.O.V

A small being slipped into the room where I was currently speaking with my trusted adviser Damon, the little spirit bowed politely before speaking. 

"Forgive my intrusion Hades but I was told to announce the arrival of Demeter and her guest." The little spirit girl asked and I gave a quick nod as she darted from the room. Demeter was visiting with another of the gods? That certainly wasn't normal, especially since I married Persephone. I excused myself from Damon and began the walk to the tunnel of the lake, I was almost there when A sudden light appeared above in the sky of the Elysian fields. I could only think of one god who would do that. 

"Apollo your light serves no purpose in these fields." I say rather angrily, Apollo really is not a favourite of mine. 

"Honestly Hades, have you been down here so long that you can mistake Apollo's light for that of the goddess of harvest?" The sound of Demeter's voice shocked me, I hadn't expected her to have crossed the lake yet. As I turned to look at her I caught sight of another figure clocked in the shadows next to her but paid no attention to it, maybe it was one of the young goddesses. Demeter had the biggest scowl on her face that I had ever seen, I wasn't so sure that this was going to be a pleasant visit. The figure clocked in shadows stepped forward so that the light shone on her face, I gasped at the sight of the beautiful being I now gazed upon. 

"Persephone?" I asked, but Persephone was back at the manor, attending her garden. Yet there she stood wit full health, I hadn't seen her looking so radiant since the day she asked me to take her as my queen. Persephone's lips were full and red like they were before she came here, her skin was nicely tanned and her green eyes shone like emeralds. Her shoulder length black hair was wavy like it used to be and she was was wearing a frilled, floor level, frilled dress that fit nicely around her curves. 

"I'm afraid not, my name is Claire, goddess of animals and twin to Persephone. It is a pleasure to make you acquaintance Hades." The girl said and I struggled to rain in my surprise, since when had Persephone had a twin sister? I stood staring at the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, even compared to her sister. 

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