We all know the story of Persephone, she picked a rose, hades claimed her as his wife, mum showed up to save her. Persephone has to stay in the underworld for six months of the year, the end. Does anyone know what happened with her sister, does anyone even know she had a sister, the answer to that is no.Well this is the story of Claire, the goddess of animals and sister to Persephone.

Please give advice. thanks


3. Blame

Claire's P.O.V

My mother left us eventually after explaining that I would be staying here in the underworld for a few years, like I said it wouldn't seem like a long time to me like it would a mortal. My mother also made it quite clear that she expected to find me in one piece when she came to get me, I laughed a little at that, honestly what would he do to me exactly? Hades led me to a large manor on the side of the river Lethe, though I was sure there was probably a manor next to every river in Hades. As we passed through the Elysian fields I was surprised by how beautiful it was down in the underworld. I refused to speak to Hades as he escorted me through the hallways, I had asked to be taken directly to my sister. When I arrived at her room I practically made the door crash open, lying on her bed was Persephone and she looked so ill. I raced across her room and knelt down next to her, she was asleep and her breathing was uneven. I felt tears sting my eyes and flow over my cheeks, I slumped and put my head in my hands, letting the tears flow like a raging waterfall. How could she have gotten so bad? What if I was too late? My sorrow suddenly turned to anger, and that anger was directed at the lord of the underworld. I got up and spun around, I didn't care that my cheeks were soaked with my tears, all I cared about was that my sister was suffering and it was all because of Hades.

"This is your fault, you did this and because of you she is dying. Is that what you wanted?" I snarled, I knew my eyes must be blazing like they did whenever I got angry. Hades seemed angered by my words, of course that made me want to rip his throat out. 

"I did not  mean for this to happen to happen to her, If I had know how ill she would become I would not have dared to bring her here. Do you really believe I would hurt the woman I love!" Hades growled and I stopped dead. He loved Persephone, but then why did he kidnap her? 

"How can you love her, you kidnapped her and brought her here, where she is dying." I screamed and fell back to my knees, I couldn't carry on. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, I lifted my head to see Hades, he knelt down beside me and touched my hand.

"I'm sorry Claire." 

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