We all know the story of Persephone, she picked a rose, hades claimed her as his wife, mum showed up to save her. Persephone has to stay in the underworld for six months of the year, the end. Does anyone know what happened with her sister, does anyone even know she had a sister, the answer to that is no.Well this is the story of Claire, the goddess of animals and sister to Persephone.

Please give advice. thanks


1. Hades

Claire's P.O.v

I sat petting the little wolf cub, she had been given to me by my mother on my eighteenth birthday when I officially became the goddess of animals, and stopped ageing. I had called the cub Suvi, short for Vesuvius because she is normally calm but feisty when the need arises. A forest nymph came within my sight and I hurried over to her, she was small and delicate like a flower. The nymph had been my eyes and ears in the forest when I wanted to know about the animals before I had officially become the goddess of animals, I loved the little nymph like a second sister. 

"Florets, quickly, what news do you bring of Persephone?" I asked, desperation clear in my words. Persephone was my sister, my twin and the goddess of spring. We had each taken on parts of our mother's powers, Persephone controlled the land during spring and I looked after the animals all the time. Our mother, Demeter, is the goddess of harvest and has only grown crops for the humans every six months since Persephone was taken. Whilst I understood and missed Persephone also I thought my mother was being careless, unreasonable because human needed food to survive even if we didn't. 

"She weakens with each new moon goddess, I fear she will not last another decade." Florets said and I tried to hold back my sobs of pain for my sister, to a human a decade would be a long time but not for the gods, I would lose her and it would be all to soon. I shook my dead and rushed back to my home to find my mother, I found her in her garden, she loves it there.

"Mother we must speak of matters concerning my sister." I said, my voice showing there is no place for protest. My mother froze, she didn't like to speak of Persephone but she could no longer avoid it, my sister would die if we did not help her. After several moments my mother sighed and stood, she was covered in dirt and the smallest smile rose to her lips as she glanced down at herself, I returned no such smile. 

"What would you like to discuss with me that could possibly have to do with your sister, daughter?" My mother asked and I grew angry, how could she discard Persephone like that like she meant nothing to her? I knew the pain my mother felt when she thought of Persephone, how could she just pretend like it wasn't there? 

"I have just spoken with one of the forest nymphs, she tells that Persephone is weakening and will die by the end of the decade,we must help her!" I demand though I already what my mother will say.

"How do you propose we help her Claire?" My mother asked sadly and I was sorry for her pain but she had to get the hell over it and help her people.

"I think we should have a little discussion with Hades, and by we I mean me but I need you to announce both of our arrival, after that it will be just me and Hades, and we are going to talk about his prisoner in the underworld." I said and my mother soon had wide eyes, at least she didn't look like she was going to object.

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