Delilah just entered the competition to see Justin bieber live in concert. Not knowing that she would see the love of her life there. Niall,zayn, and Harry fight for the same girl. Will their love grow even more causing the band of five to break up? Who will Delilah pick and who will she betray?


1. The meeting

"you know I've always wanted to meet the bieber right?" Delilah said.
Her mother and her were having the fight again about showcasing her work of art. As in letting Delilah sing in front of people to win the special contest to see Justin bieber. Delilah was sick and tired of her mom always telling her what to do and what she should do. Delilah sighed and went up to her room to prevent anymore nagging from her annoying mother. Knowing that she wasn't able to go she decides that she'll sneak out when she had the chance. Night fell and Delilah knew that she will get those tickets no matter what. She swiftly grabbed her lyrics and was about to go out when she realized she was in her pajamas. "damn, what should I wear?" she cursed and grad snatched whatever that was in her closet and fled. She jumped over the windowsill and slid down the pole. She quickly ran out of the neighborhood and waved to catch a cab. " Dear lord, hopefully Im not too late" she groaned and as she got out of the taxi she hit head with head with something. "oww that hurt" she whispered. She looked up to see what she hit but it ended up to who she hit. She hit an awfully cute boy. "oh I'm sorry i didn't mean to you know hit you" the boy looked up and his eyes sparkled "nah I don't mind being hit by you especially" my name is Niall Horon what about you? " oh Im Delilah Myers nice to meet you" Niall wondered where this girl was going. Delilah blurted out " I I I have to go" she blushed and hurried of when
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