A women named Sara who is a writer and writes about things she has seen recently. She bases her story on a murder she reads in a newspaper and she starts seeing some of the action herself. Instead of reporting the constant murderer to the police, she follows him and writes this story based on his actions. Suddenly, a disaster happens and the police are suddenly involved after all this time.
Sara is in trouble but the police are concerned about how she found out all the evidence, all is revealed...


3. Was It Worth Looking For?

I woke up by falling out of my bed, not a pleasant surprise. It was 3 o'clock in the morning, I had been waking up every hour since midnight and I've been having the same nightmare every time I go back to sleep. It is of the same man hiding in the trees with that other person. Poor, innocent person...and then the man with the knife coming out of the trees after stabbing the victim. I was walking towards the man and he turned towards me,pointing the knife at me. I was now standing still, the man walking towards me but this time, I couldn't move, my feet were planted into the ground. The man came right up to me and stabbed me with his dagger. At this point I would wake up clutching my stomach and sweating like a pig. It was this same recurring dream that made me belive what I saw was real. I saw a murder, right outside my front door. I decided that when it was light, I would go out to the woods and see if the body was still there. No one ever went in the woods because it was like a maze, once you got in, you could hardly see a way out. Even the police finally gave up trekking through the woods looking endlessly for lost people. Someone had suggested to cut down all the trees but instead, they made sure everyone was out of the woods at the same time, they put up a barbed fence all around the circumference of the woods. Although someone had made a hole in the middle of the fence (the part right in front of my house) the police didn't have any more reports from missing people. Some stupid teenagers had gave each other dares to climb through the hole, but none of them ever went more than 2 meters away from the fence. The murder however was in the trees but not exactly hidden. I kept replaying the scene in my head, trying to get back to sleep but always thinking about it. I couldn't keep this to myself, I had to talk to someone about this! Not Jamie. Definately not Jamie. Katie? Maybe Katie, although she is know for her big mouth and would tell Eric or one of her friends. No, it was too dangerous telling anyone. And as the police didn't know yet, there were still alot of clues to be found, I also had a lot more to write as well...


I walked out of my house the next afternoon to see the trail of blood still there. I thought twice about going into the forest and investigating the body but after thinking about how realistic my points in my book would be, there was an obvious answer. I crawled through the fence, trying not to catch my cardigan on the spiky ends of wire. As soon as I managed to get through, I felt as if darkness had just swallowed me up and left all sunlight out. Even though it was 1 o'clock and in broad daylight, the trees blocked out most of the sunlight. As my eyes soon got used to the darkness, I saw the body lying there. It's head was hanging on the left and one of her arms was covering her eyes. The bloody stain still looked fresh on her white top and a trickle of blood had dried on her neck. I retched as I saw the deep cut through her stomach and covered my eyes.

Get a grip Sara! You are doing this for your career, no one will ever know how you got these fabulous ideas and realistic images. Now take another look...

I looked back at the limp body and winced again. It would take a long time before I got used to this. I walked through the forest constantly looking around and behind me to see if anyone knew I was here. It was surprising how little sunlight came through the gaps between the branches and the trees. I didn't really know what I was looking for in this forest, didn't really know what to expect and I didn't know how to feel about this. Should I feel nervous, excited, guilty? No, this was sick, a sick idea, who did I think I was? Stalking around in this dark forest spying on some dead person and finding clues, no this was bad, it was very bad. Could I get myself out of this or was I already too deep into the forest. I was feeling delirious with all this creeping inside my brain and the heat was making my head pound, I ran towards what I thought was the edge of the forest where the hole in the fence was...CRASH. I tripped over the hidden tree roots. I collapsed by the side of the tree and caught my breath, the forest was spinning but I could still see a hooded figure at the corner of my eye. I clutched the side of the tree so I could focus on him, he was about 20 metres away and was dragging another figure. Once again the hooded one pulled out his weapon and killed his prey. The victim shook for a couple of seconds and then fell against the hard, mossy floor. The killer cleaned his weapon and put it back inside his coat, he turned his head and jumped at the sight of me, half hidden behind the tree. I knew he could see me, I started to shake and got to my feet, I was petrified. The hooded man started to walk very slowly and calmly towards me.

I sprinted as fast as my legs would go and shot off dodging the trees, my heart was beating and felt as if it would explode in my chest. I skidded just as I got the fence but I couldn't see the opening, I shook even more as I could see the man now jogging towards me, he would do something to me if I don't move now! I could see my house through the fence but I just couldn't find my way to get through. The man was probably only a couple of seconds away from me now but I didn't dare to turn my head to have a look. I clenched my fists and looked up.

This is it, I thought, if I don't do something now I will get killed. I clawed my way up the fence and swung my legs over at the top cutting my jeans. My legs slipped the other side and I fell down to the grass my leg bleeding and my head knocked on the side of the pavement. I got up again limping this time and ran over to my house and collapsed by the door. My head was throbbing and tears were rushing down my face, I grabbed my keys from my pocket and jammed them in the key hole, I turned the handle, slipped inside and slammed the door behind me breathing heavily. Still sobbing I crouched down and looked through the window trying not to be seen. The man had his face pressed against the fence, his menacing eyes focused on my door. He must have seen me get in and now he knows where I live! My face fell into my hands as I drew in long sobs and tried to breathe slowly. What the hell just happened. That man saw me looking at him as he killed that person. Does he want revenge? What will he do with me? I looked down to my legs and one of my thighs had a huge gash in and my knee was bleeding. I felt my forehead gingerly and there was a lump with a cut. I burst into tears once more and lay on my side, this wasn't something you could just forget about over night. How was a meant to recover from this. My eyes flickered and finally closed allowing myself for a long sleep.

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