A women named Sara who is a writer and writes about things she has seen recently. She bases her story on a murder she reads in a newspaper and she starts seeing some of the action herself. Instead of reporting the constant murderer to the police, she follows him and writes this story based on his actions. Suddenly, a disaster happens and the police are suddenly involved after all this time.
Sara is in trouble but the police are concerned about how she found out all the evidence, all is revealed...


4. Katie&Eric's Party

It was Saturday morning and I awoke with my neck in a painful position and my hand felt dead as I had slept on it on the hall floor. It wasn't the best place to sleep but I did sleep well, however last night had sadly not been forgotten. I got up with the carpet fabric printed in my hand and I took a deep breath as I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't look as if I had a good night as I still had the cut on my head and I had Katie and Eric's engagement party this afternoon as well, I had better start getting ready as it was already 12. I started to drag myself up the stairs but the doorbell rang. I jumped as I heard the sound and I ran to the bathroom and splashed my face with refreshing water. I hurried to the door not really knowing why I was nervous about who would be standing there, I froze with my hand on the handle hesitating but was told to answer the door from the second ring. I opened the door and Katie was standing there with another huge smile on her face, fidgeting like an excited terrier. I relaxed as her face greeted me and I allowed her in.

"Wow Sara, looks like you had a rough night hmm?" Katie asked me eagerly.

"You have no idea!" I answered, keeping my head down.

"Up all night partying I guess? I bet that cut on your head has a story behind it?" Katie smiled. I raised my eyebrows but I didn't need to answer as Katie had already stared on her own story.

"So, you know its my engagement party in ooh 2 hours, Eric's handling the arrangements at the venue and he wanted me to relax and get ready before I come and.. I thought it would be nice for us to get ready together." Katie held up her bag filled with make up and clothes. I wasn't sure whether Katie was joking, I knew she would have preferred getting ready with her friends but she was probably doing this out of kindness. I nodded and we both hurried upstairs to get ready. After a stressful hour of Katie worrying about what shade of blue she wanted for her handbag we finally finished (with my cut covered up with as much make up as possible!) and we drove to the venue. As we were going through the long driveway leading to the house, there were towering trees either side, this reminded me of the forest outside my house, I shivered but was glad as we soon got out of the trees and Veronica House was in sight. It was a beautiful setting, a grand house built with grey stone walls with magnificent vines creeping all up the house and around the windows. There were thick grey columns around the outside of the house  with steps leading down to a large stone patio with red roses outlining the edge of the fountain in the middle. Eric greeted us as we got out of the car,

"Hello beautiful." He said dreamily as he gave Katie a kiss. He smile faded as he saw me.

"Hello have you been lately?" He said reluctantly.

"Fine thank you Eric, nice place you picked out here, lovely area, you wouldn't believe there was a busy town just 10 minutes away!" I said as cheerfully as possible, I was doing it for Katie. Katie grinned as she saw Eric and I getting along and hurried off to the kitchen to see the chefs. I looked  back to the entrance to see another few cars emerging from the trees, as they got closer I could see one of them was my parents car, I swallowed hard regretting Katie running off. My dad and I hadn't seen each other for a long time as we had been in a fight for a while, we didn't get on too well and my parents had always seemed nicer to Katie. I know she was the younger one and maybe that would of made sense when we were children but we were both adults now! I turned away as I could see the car door open and I started to panic.

"Sara! Darling!" My mother called behind me. I turned around smiling and gave her a hug. I suppose my mum wasn't too bad, it was just my dad that always found an opportunity to give me a hard time. My dad had caught up with up by the time my mum had given me the biggest hug. He came up behind my mum and slapped his hand on my back.

"And how are you Sara? Is that a new dress? Oh, bit shabby isn't it? Well you could have got a nice one if you had a proper job!" He said with a nasty smile, I was just glad that neither of them had noticed my cut. I smiled back and slapped him on the back like he did to me (slightly harder than I should have done).

"It's nice to see you too dad." I said, my eyes narrowing. A few minutes later, Katie skipped towards us and fell into our parents' loving arms.

"I am so proud of you darling, this is a lovely place, Veronica House isn't it? Must have cost a fortune!" Our mum said to her as Katie smiled, her huge eyes twinkling.

"Yes, it's wonderful princess, now where is my fantastic son-in-law?" Dad said, scanning the crowds around the patio.

"Oh, he's just over there! Come one lets go and see him!" Katie grabbed the hands of our parents and the three of them walked over to Eric. I was relieved to see them go, I couldn't stand another conversation with my father, and to make matters worst, my favourite person in the entire world tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hello Sara." I spun around to see Jamie. I could see his scruffy blonde hair had tried to be flattened and combed but it was still looking as if he had just come out hedge. Ok, now he really was stalking me, why on earth had he come to my sisters engagement party? I opened my mouth to speak but he started instead.

"I did try to tell you, when I came to your house the other day, I'm Eric's cousin!" Jamie said.

"Oh, great." I said.

"Are you okay Sara? You seem a bit-"

"Yes I'm fine. Just been having some rough nights lately." I answered.

"Oh yes, I can see." He sniggered and pointed to my cut.

I shrugged and walked away leaving him standing there still looking as happy as anything. I spotted a circle of girls, Katie being one of them and they were giggling and I could tell were very over excited. Then Katie turned around to see me and the girls all let out a girlish scream and ran towards me. Katie knew I disliked her friends a lot but they seemed to love mocking me about my single life.

"SARAA!" One of them screamed.

"Haven't seen you since my wedding honey!" Another one screeched.

"Oh, still got an empty finger darling? Awwww." The other one whined and held up my hand.


This is the thing I hate about Katie's friends, they are all married. Of course that isn't the main issue, it's the fact that they all go on about it every time I see them and deliberately mock me about my life that they have no business in at all and they all managed to find a husband who earned hundreds of thousands so they don't have to do anything. Tabitha is married to Eric's brother who like Eric is the best lawyer in town, Beatrice is married to a wealthy man who owns about 4 cars and was passed down millions as his parents were billionaires and Camille is married to a arrogant man who turns his nose up to anyone that's not filthy rich and he is friends with Prince William as they went to university together. I smiled helplessly at the three pathetic blondes, all with a tacky diamond on their fourth finger.

"Yes it's just me-"

"Hey girls, how are you all doing?" Jamie popped up behind me with his arm round me.

" that you?"

"We haven't seen you since Tabitha's wedding darling!" Beatrice screeched. Jamie nodded and gave Katie a hug as we saw her running up towards us.

"Hi Jamie! Oh, Sara I didn't realise you two knew each other! Sara you didn't tell me you were taken!" Katie said excitedly with the three girls giggling beside her.

"I'm NOT!" I said to her, determined not to give the girls another reason to mock me.

"Oh good, because I found someone for you. He's one of Eric's friends, a very reasonable man Sara, oh don't give me that look!" Katie looked at me disappointed, noticing my fuming expression. "I'm not letting you get past this one missy, I've made you sit next to each other for the lunch."

"Speaking of grub." Jamie said looking down at his watch. "When are we eating, I'm starving man!" He asked Katie. Katie frowned at his improper language,

"Now in fact Jamie, this way please all of you." Katie ordered. The six of us walked over to the patio where grand tables draped with silk white sheets decorated with red roses and scented candles. Katie guided me to the table where my name tag was and pointed to the seat next to mine.

"I'll just get your knight in shining armour..." Katie winked at me as she went off to find my blind date. I peered over to the name tag but didn't have enough time to read it as Katie came over with my date.

"Sara, this is Charlie Thorn." Katie's smile looked as if it was about to stretch her face it was that huge. I smiled stretched out my hand to shake his but her held mine and kissed it, I raised my eyebrows and  sat down trying not to snigger, well his name wasn't that extravagantly posh but I bet he's related to the Queen or at least thinks he is. He sat down next to me and Katie disappeared off to Eric's side.

"So, what do you do?" I said to Charlie.

"I'm a policeman. Haven't had a lot of work at the moment though, I don't like it really, I would rather be a writer or something creative you know!" Charlie said. I nodded agreeing with him. "How about you?"

"Well, actually I am a writer. I've done a couple of children's books, not a lot though and recently I started to plan a book."

"Bet you got inspiration from that place opposite you house right? Good place to set it yeah?"

I frowned, how did he know where I lived?

"How do you know where I live?" I questioned him, wanting to know his answer.

"Oh..well..Katie told me." He said nervously.

"Oh okay then." I said accepting his answer.

"Um anyway, what is the book about?" He asked sounding interested.

"It's about sort of murders, detectives, you know, that sort of book." I told him, not sure whether I should have told a policeman.

"That sounds great, did you hear about the murder in Picton Street?" He questioned me.

"Yeah I did, sounds awful, you found the guy yet?" I asked him.

"No, not" He voice drifted off. After a while of chatting, Charlie got up.

"These scented candles have made me feel a bit sick, I'm just going to the bathroom." I nodded and saw him disappear into the grand house.

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