A women named Sara who is a writer and writes about things she has seen recently. She bases her story on a murder she reads in a newspaper and she starts seeing some of the action herself. Instead of reporting the constant murderer to the police, she follows him and writes this story based on his actions. Suddenly, a disaster happens and the police are suddenly involved after all this time.
Sara is in trouble but the police are concerned about how she found out all the evidence, all is revealed...


1. Jamie


I jumped, the voice startled me.

"Hello, sorry, did you want something?" I asked, trying not to sound rude.

"Yes, sorry, could I sit here?" He asked. I looked around, the coffee shop was full, only a couple of seats left, the opposite seat one of them.

"Yes, of course, take it." I told him, slightly annoyed he took it. I'm not anti-social, I 'm just better without company, I am a very content person. I relaxed again and took a sip of my coffee.

"Jamie." The man said. I looked at him irritated; he didn't know when to stop, did he.

"My name is Jamie, and yours is Sara?"

I stared at him, now confused and slightly freaked out. How did he know my name? He must have noticed my startled stare as he started speaking again.

"I saw your note pad, Sara Renyolds. That is your name isn't it?"

"Yes that is my name, nice to meet you Jamie." I said, as sarcastically as possible. Jamie obviously didn't take the hint as he picked up MY newspaper and started reading it with a stupid grin on his face. I noticed his idiotic grin turned into a frown when he read the headlines of today’s paper.

"Oh my god, Jessica Af-" He said, he then looked up and it was if he was scanning his brain. "Well, that means she..must have come here for Or maybe she didn't move- Did she lie to me? I can't believe this.." He looked at me, "Did you see the...the headlines?"

"Yes." I said, not even looking up. His words sounded a bit broken when he spoke but I decided not to look into it.

"A murder. In Picton Street, last night." He looked out of the window the other side of the road.

"That’s Picton Street isn't it? Just across the road, were you aware of this?"

"Yes, yes, yes and once again yes." I said back to him, angry that he was being so irratating with all his questions. I took another sip of my coffee and slouched back down into the comfy sofa. I was going over the conversation in my head when I actually realised what he said.

"Hang on, a murder?" I asked. I snatched the paper out of his hands and started reading. A young woman, Jessica Afle had been stabbed behind a bakery in Picton Street. The body was found by a man who was on a run early this morning at 6 o'clock in the morning. Jessica’s friends had last seen her at the party Jessica left at 1 o'clock at night. The police hadn't found a weapon used to kill Jessica but suspects it was a long bladed knife as the cut was deep and they hadn't found any finger prints on her clothes either and they still haven’t found a suspect for the murder.

I looked up to discuss with Jamie but he had already left.


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