Face the Music

Julia is your typical sixteen year old girl. She lives with her mother and her little sister Marty, she has her insecurities, she has her boy issues, and oh yeah, her love for the British/Irish boy-band One Direction. When her seventeenth birthday arrives, everything seems perfect....until it all fell apart piece by piece. But to every rainy day there is always a rainbow, what will happen when she unexpectedly 'falls hard' for not one, but two of the boys in One Direction? And what would happen if they both like her back? Would rivalry break everyone apart? Or will the fandom get to them first? Just as life is, every situation has two faces. One is an amazing benefit, and the other could lead to sacrifice...


43. Facing Stuck In The Moment

Harry's POV

I sat up and leaned towards Julie, softly caressing her cheek with my fingers. "Julie, I-". Before I could complete my sentence, the door flew open in an instant. "GUESS WHO'S BACK?!" Louis shouted followed by the rest of the boys. I couldn't help but sigh as I quickly retracted my hand and climbed out of the bed, walking to the table to make myself a cup of tea. "What did we miss?" Zayn asked sliding into a chair.

  "Well, good news is Julie got her memory back completely." I said emotionlessly. They grinned with their mouths open in awe as they ran to give her a hug each. I finished stirring my cup of tea and watched as Julie smiled widely, wrapping her arms around them. But I was literally in utter shock when Niall  hugged her tightly then lifted her up off the bed and spun her around. For crying out loud, the girl has a cast on her leg! But my thoughts of worry were clouded by something else. The look of pure happiness, enchantment, and wonder in Julie's eyes when she was in his arms. Something I might have missed, but I doubt I've seen when she was with me. Like before, I was right; she would be happier with Niall. I sat on the loveseat sofa in the corner of the room and took the photo out of my pocket. Without thinking twice, I forcefully tore the picture in half, splitting it right between me and Julie. I didn't even notice when Louis came and sat down next to me on the sofa.

 "You ok? You should be thrilled that Julie remembers you now!" I looked over to Julie who was chatting happily with Liam, Zayn, and Niall who were sitting on the sides of her bed. "Yeah...except I'm not." "What?" He breathed. I exhaled loudly, "When she couldn't remember who I was, I wasn't worried about falling back in love with her  because I knew she would treat me like a stranger. So then I would miss her less. But now that she remembers everything, she treats me so nicely and….I can't help loving her. I don't know if I did the right thing...ending our relationship." Louis put his hand on my shoulder. "You can make things right with her. You know that." I stuffed the torn picture in my pocket. "It wouldn't be the same. Besides, she likes Niall." "I don't know about that mate, I'm pretty sure she still likes y-" "It's fine Lou. Thanks anyways." "You're making a mistake Haz." I shook my head. "I'm positive."

**1 week later**

Niall's POV

"I haven't been so happy in such a long time! I'M FREE AS A BIRD! I CAN FLY!"

Time literally flew by. By the end of the week, Dr. Stevens said to even his surprise Julie's ankle was completely healed so she could take off her cast, and could probably go home after her final check-up! To add on to the hectic weekend, Julie's parents and her sister were coming back from Orlando tomorrow too, according to her.

"Well birdie, don't go jumping and flying around or you might need that cast again!" I joked as Julie skipped around the block to our car in the parking lot. She turned around and stuck her tongue out at me with her hands on her hips. I returned the pose and shared a laugh. That's when I noticed that Harry was unusually quiet with his hands stuffed in his pockets just lagging behind the group. I hadn't really 'talked' to him since his breakup with Julie and our, well...fight. And I kinda felt the need to now before things got worse between us. "Hey mate...want to chat?" "Not much to talk about is there?" He answered rather coldly. "Umm...well I guess we could talk about...us." He shot me a bewildered look and it took me two seconds to catch on. "NOT LIKE THAT! I- YOU DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT THAT WAY BRO! What I meant was, after our...disagreement and how you said this was you know, my fault? We never re-" "Drop it Niall. It's cool. We're good." So what he said was that he forgave me, but his expressions seemed to contradict with him.

"YOU GUYS COMING?" Liam shouted from the car. We picked up our pace and joined everyone. "So where are we going?" Julie asked excitedly jumping up and down in the passenger seat. "Well I was thinking home for you." Liam said tapping his fingers on the wheel. "What? Why? I just got out of that FRICKIN cast and you're taking me home, of all places?" She whined. "He's got a point Julie. You need to get the place cleaned up for when your parents get home." Zayn piped in. "Boo. You're no fun." Julie crossed her arms on her chest. "Well it's still pretty early...we can like chill at the hotel before you go back home?" I suggested. Her eyes glistened with excitement. "I LOVE YOU NIALL! YEAH LET'S DO THAT!" "What we 'need' to do is get you to cut down on sugar! I have never seen you so hyper before." Louis laughed.

With Julie singing to every single song that played on the radio in the car, we soon we arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel once more. I guess she had enough trust to sing in front of us now....it was either that, or she was really too high from finally getting out of the hospital and the cast. "This your new place?" She questioned shuddering a little, most likely from thought of the falling window. "Yup. I like this one more to be honest. Thanks for helping us find an excuse to switch hotels." Julie punched Louis arm playfully with that comment making him sulk a little until she gave him another hug. In the matter of seconds, we rose to our floor in the lift. "Penthouse, and here we are!"

Julie's POV

The suite was larger than their previous one by far. Five seperated bedrooms that all lead to the central living room, a huge kitchen with a granite top island, three bathrooms, a seating area or lounge next to one of the bedrooms, a MASSIVE terrace, and a room with...A POOL TABLE?! "This place is too cool! You guys are so lucky!" I commented seating myself on one of the dark, leather couches that sat upon a faux fur rug. Louis walked over and sat next to me making the me jump a little. "I know right? And you really need to come try this!" He lead me to the Billiards room and handed me a metallic purple braced cue from the rack on the wall. "Do you know how to play?" I could tell that he expected me to decline and ask for his help. "Actually yes, I do. My dad taught me when I was thirteen." I aimed at the eight ball and got it in the net successfully in one strike. "Impressive. But can you do this?" He aimed the cue ball and got it to knock the five, and the seven-ball into the nets opposing each other in one move. "Someone has been practicing to show off....probably to impress Eleanor." I teased. "Nah, she's already got all of this." He motioned to his body in a kind of sexual way. I laughed covering my eyes. "Save it for your girl I don't need to see any of that." "Sure you don't. Keep living a lie!" He shouted as I walked out of the room to see what the others were up to.

Everyone was gone, probably to their own rooms. I was in the mood to talk to someone but I didn't know who. All of a sudden, I heard music blaring from behind one of the doors, "With you. With you. I wish we had another time, I wish we had another place..."

I immediately recognized the voice of the singer, not the song. I knocked on the door and opened it without even waiting for a response. If it was one of the two who I imagined listening to the artist, they wouldn't mind me barging in. But who I came face to face with was neither of them. "Harry?" I choked.

Harry's POV

As Louis took Julie to the Billards room, I decided to spend some quiet time by myself. I strolled over to the coffee table to pick up my laptop from the heap of Macs, since we used them to do a twitcam earlier that day about the release of our new single LWWY. We all had the same laptop, which could get confusing sometimes but thankfully to avoid the opening of someone else's 'private info.' most of the boys personalized theirs, sadly I didn't. I put the laptop under my arm and walked back into my room. I opened the laptop on my desk and turned around on the rotating chair to pick up a book I noticed on the floor when I came in. It probably fell during my morning rush. I retreived it and looked inside. It was a photo album. Pictures of the boys, our X-factor experience, the most epic performances we did...and pictures of Julie and I. "Why did I have to take so many?" I threw my head onto the neck rest of the chair and moved the mouse to awaken the laptop from its sleep mode.

A Youtube screen flashed and the video began to play automatically. 'Stuck In The Moment- Lyric Video: Justin Bieber' the title read. I watched the lyrics float on the screen for a couple of seconds before my door was knocked on. "Julie?" I was truly surprised to see her. "Oh. Sorry. I thought this was Niall or Liam's room." Of course. She was looking for Niall. We stood in silence. Only the music filling the tension between us.

"...Now you don't wanna let go. And I don't wanna let you know, that there might be something real between us two. Who knew? No we don't wanna fall but we're tripping in our own hearts. It's reckless and clumsy, cause I know you can't love me here. I wish we had another time. I wish we had another place. But everything we have is stuck in the moment.."

I shut my eyes tightly. That line stuck in my head, "I know you can't love me here."  

It was true. I knew Julie would never be able to love me with all her heart here as long as Niall was also on her mind, even if she denied it. And I would never be able to go on watching her love someone else. Anyone who wasn't me at least for now. An idea emerged in my mind. But did I want to do it? I could feel regret following as a concequence if I did. I sighed out loud catching her attention from the carpet. It was the only way. "Julie," I spoke up and shut the laptop cutting off the music. "I'm leaving."  

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