Face the Music

Julia is your typical sixteen year old girl. She lives with her mother and her little sister Marty, she has her insecurities, she has her boy issues, and oh yeah, her love for the British/Irish boy-band One Direction. When her seventeenth birthday arrives, everything seems perfect....until it all fell apart piece by piece. But to every rainy day there is always a rainbow, what will happen when she unexpectedly 'falls hard' for not one, but two of the boys in One Direction? And what would happen if they both like her back? Would rivalry break everyone apart? Or will the fandom get to them first? Just as life is, every situation has two faces. One is an amazing benefit, and the other could lead to sacrifice...


14. Facing Movie Night

Harry's POV

I was the last one to come downstairs as I needed to go to the loo, but anyways, I wished I had come down either earlier or later. I stood on the stairs to see Julie on top of Niall on the living room floor. Thank goodness they were wearing clothes, or else I would have probably started losing it. Both of them stared at me in silence, until Julie broke it. She got off Niall who quickly got up after her. "And that is why, you leave my name as Julia Martise and not anything else on your phone. Got it?" She said while laughing and handing Niall back his phone. "Yes mum." He replied with a puppy dog face. The word on my mind? Pathetic. One moment like that doesn't mean the girl likes you. One hot day doesn't make a summer. One... Yuck, I sounded like my stepdad with the metaphors.

I fake coughed and walked down the stairs and to the living room. "Sorry. I'm going to go see what the others are up to." "Wait." Said Julie grabbing my arm. Yes! She did still like me. "Did Paul call yet?" Oh. That's what she wanted to know. "Umm..no. Why do you want us to leave so quickly?" I asked with a small smirk. "Your boyfriend coming over?" I teased her. In the corner of my eye, I saw Niall's face drop when I asked her about her 'boyfriend'. "Harry!! You know I don't have a boyfriend." She hit me lightly with her fist on my shoulder. I looked into her hazelnut coloured eyes. She was perfect. The way her hair was in perfect curls, her fair skin...I could go on for hours. "Julie!! Can we watch this movie?" Liam yelled from the sitting room on the other side of the house. The three of us walked over to see him holding a 'Toy Story' Boxed Set. Oh joy. All three of the movies in one night.

Niall's POV

"Why can't we watch something else, Julie's got like 10,000 other movies here." I looked on the walls which were lined with bookshelves with probably every single movie ever made. "I see you like movies." I said to Julie. "I used to be an only child before Marty was born and before my parents seperated. We had a lot of free time, so we used to buy like ten movies every night from Blockbuster and Walmart. Over twelve years of doing that adds up you know?" "Hey! You have 'Love Actually?'" Harry took the DVD off one of the top shelves. "Yeah. I love that movie." "Really? So do I!" I saw Harry and Julie's eyes lock for more than a minute. I wish that Julie and I had something in common...

I didn't have much more time to dwell on that topic as Louis handed Julie another DVD. "Can we watch this movie?" He asked her. "I don't know..." "What is it?" Liam questioned walking over to us. "Paranormal Activity." "No, No, No, No! I'd rather watch Toy Story." Zayn muttered under his breath. "You heard the man, we're having a Toy Story Marathon!" Liam yelled. Everyone groaned but Julie and Zayn. "Scared of a little horror movie Zayn?" Louis teased. Zayn didn't say anything, it was Julie who answered. "Yes!" She said seriously. "Well love, you have nothing to worry about. You have four strong boys and one Harry to protect you." "Ha, ha." said Harry sarcastically. With a little persuasion, Louis got permission from Julie to play the movie. I wasn't a fan of horror movies, but the good thing about them was that if the girl got scared, she would usually cling onto you. At least, that was how I pictured it...  

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