Face the Music

Julia is your typical sixteen year old girl. She lives with her mother and her little sister Marty, she has her insecurities, she has her boy issues, and oh yeah, her love for the British/Irish boy-band One Direction. When her seventeenth birthday arrives, everything seems perfect....until it all fell apart piece by piece. But to every rainy day there is always a rainbow, what will happen when she unexpectedly 'falls hard' for not one, but two of the boys in One Direction? And what would happen if they both like her back? Would rivalry break everyone apart? Or will the fandom get to them first? Just as life is, every situation has two faces. One is an amazing benefit, and the other could lead to sacrifice...


11. Face the Moment and let it go

Julia's POV

When I named my cat, I never thought in a million years I would meet Harry Styles, let alone think he would meet her. I was going to look like such a creep telling Harry what I named my cat. Lesson learnt: Don't name your cat what a hot guy wants to name his daughter. Weird. I know. "My sister, insisted we name her Darcy. She's like, a huge fan of you guys." I refused to look into Harry's eyes. "I think that's a beautiful name." he said using his hand to tilt up my chin. I felt like I had a million butterflies in my stomach. He put down my cat and we were literally less than an inch apart. He gently touched my cheek and I felt my knees go weak. I looked into his beautiful green eyes and- "Hey Julie, can I take a- woah. Sorry about that mate. I'll leave now." Louis left with a goofy grin on his face, closing the door behind him. "What was that about?" I asked Harry, pulling back slowly. "Look Julia, the truth is-" *Bzz, Bzz* It took me a while to realise that my phone was vibrating. "Wait one sec." I looked at my phone screen to see that it was another text from my mom.

Hey sweetie are you home yet? Wondering where you are...next plane landed and you weren't on it. Are you still coming to Florida? Or are you going to stay with the boys? Anyways, have fun...but not too much ;) Text back soon! <3 -Mom

"Who was that?" Harry tried to peer at the screen. Failing at that, he decided to try and grab my cell phone out of my hand. "Boyfriend?" he asked still struggling to read the screen. it just came to my realization that I had never told Harry or the others that I didn't have a boyfriend. I decided to take advantage of the moment and play along. "What if it was?" i asked him with a flirty look in my eyes. "Then I'd tell him that you're mine now." He kept walking towards me until he pushed me to the wall. My back rested on the cold wall, while my hands wandered beside me. His forehead touched mine, and his dark brown curls brushed my face. He stroked my cheek again and looked into my eyes. I felt a spark whenever he touched me. What was I doing? What was he doing? He was supposed to like another girl. The one at the radio station. I used my hands to push myself frrom the wall, while I looked away. "Harry wait. I'm confused." He moved back slightly to give me some space. "Why?" "I thought you liked that girl at the radio station." Harry made a disgusted face. "You thought I liked Kylie?" I shrugged. "Julie," he said soothingly as he took my hand, "Kylie is my sister's best friend. I put my arm around her because I wasn't listening to her when she was talking to me and so she got a bit upset. And I wasn't listening to her because I was too busy looking at you. And just between you and me, she talks too much. Sometimes, I want a girl who can just...listen." Harry leaned in closer to me, our lips were almost touching as he grabbed the small of my back. "COOL JULIE! YOU HAVE A GUITAR?!" With the sudden outburst from Niall who was actually in the living room, Harry and I both pulled away and took a step back. The moment was gone.   



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