Face the Music

Julia is your typical sixteen year old girl. She lives with her mother and her little sister Marty, she has her insecurities, she has her boy issues, and oh yeah, her love for the British/Irish boy-band One Direction. When her seventeenth birthday arrives, everything seems perfect....until it all fell apart piece by piece. But to every rainy day there is always a rainbow, what will happen when she unexpectedly 'falls hard' for not one, but two of the boys in One Direction? And what would happen if they both like her back? Would rivalry break everyone apart? Or will the fandom get to them first? Just as life is, every situation has two faces. One is an amazing benefit, and the other could lead to sacrifice...


22. Face the Fact "I'm sorry Niall"

Eleanor's POV

I actually appreciate Directioners that accept my relationship with Louis, and don't send me death threats or rude comments. Getting that first tweet from someone that says 'Go die in a hole' can be pretty hurtful, and I could see in Julie's pleading eyes that she didn't want to be part of that whole circle yet. And I couldn't blame her, once you get in; there's almost no way out.

"She's one of my friends. We decided to go shopping today, but we really need to go somewhere after this. So..." Julia shot me a thankful smile and I nodded in return. After signing a few items from some of the girls in the store, we headed back to meet the boys. "Thanks for helping me back there." Julia added as we walked out. "No problem. I understand that you don't want to be known as Harry's girlfriend yet." She stopped walking for a second then continued, but with an uncomfortable look in her eyes. "It's not just that...Can you keep a secret?" I nodded my head. "I didn't know until this morning if I would like Harry or Niall more. I thought Harry was the right choice, but now i'm not so sure." "Give yourself some time. By the end of the day, I assure you, you will find out who you like more."

Julia's POV

When we arrived back at the concert arena, Skylar was already there. She was talking, or should I say flirting endlessly with Zayn. "Hey!" I shouted to the rest of the boys who were just playing on their laptops and phones. "Am I paying for all of this, or is it on your card?" Louis joked to Eleanor. "We have ten more bags outside and yes this is all on your card." Louis pretended to faint into Harry's arms, who was quite surprised with the sudden weight making him close to dropping him on the ground. Everyone went their seperate ways around the arena leaving me alone in the front entrance. The only other person I saw around was Niall. I decided to talk to him about all that happened that morning. "Hey." he said calmly when he saw me approaching. "Nice bracelet. From Harry?" "Umm...yeah. Niall can we talk?" "Sure." We walked over to the last row of seats and sat down. "I'm sorry about everything that's been going on. Since the beginning I should have been honest with you and Harry. It was-" "But you like Harry more." I was speechless. "Look Julie, I know you like Harry more than me but at least hear me out. I really like you. Usually if Harry and I like the same girl, well you already see that answer." He motioned at my bracelet. "Can you at least give me a thought?"

Niall's POV

When Julie didn`t respond, I continued. "I mean, you've heard and seen the news about him right? 'Harry sleeps with a 30 year old woman..." "Niall." she said quietly. She looked a little irritated, but I kept going. "There's always something like that going on with him! One thing or another. Girls are just the start. There's also-" "That's enough! It's one thing to tell me you like me, but it's another to bring crap about Harry into this. Even if it is true..." She mumbled the last bit letting her voice trail off. I could tell she didn't like the news either. "I'm sorry Niall but.." Julie huffed and walked off. I had taken it too far. She probably hated me now. I could apologize, but I couldn't apologize for my feelings. I really did like her. From the time she fell asleep on me by accident when we were at her house, I couldn't stop thinking about her. But you can't force love. I decided to walk out for a while, just to take a break. "Hey man. Everything ok?" Liam stood beside me looking at me questionably. "I guess." "Want to talk about it?" As much as I wanted to, I couldn't. I would seem selfish, everyone knew that Julie was with Harry. I shook my head and Liam sighed. "Alright. But if you ever want to talk, you know where to find me." Liam patted my back and went back inside.

Suddenly, it started to rain quite heavily. "Really?" I said looking upwards. "I'm not in the mood for this." It seemed like the whole world was against me. Somehow, I was going to change that.  


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