Face the Music

Julia is your typical sixteen year old girl. She lives with her mother and her little sister Marty, she has her insecurities, she has her boy issues, and oh yeah, her love for the British/Irish boy-band One Direction. When her seventeenth birthday arrives, everything seems perfect....until it all fell apart piece by piece. But to every rainy day there is always a rainbow, what will happen when she unexpectedly 'falls hard' for not one, but two of the boys in One Direction? And what would happen if they both like her back? Would rivalry break everyone apart? Or will the fandom get to them first? Just as life is, every situation has two faces. One is an amazing benefit, and the other could lead to sacrifice...


47. Face Being Alone...Until you came

Julia's POV

I stood there like a lost puppy, staring at the gate where Harry boarded. I couldn't find it in me to cry anymore, and yet I couldn't move either. Suddenly I felt a hand snake around my waist. "Harry?" I called snapping out of my trance. Had he not left? Did he change his mind and stay? But when I turned to see who was standing next to me, I was surprised to see...Niall?

"Niall what are you doing here?" I asked stepping out of his grasp. "Louis had to pick up Eleanor from work, so he called me to pick you up." "How long ago was this?" I hadn't even noticed that Louis had left me there. "Well, Harry's flight ended up leaving twenty minutes after the original estimated delay time. So you guys talked for about ten minutes give or take, since I got here. And - wait, are you crying?"  I rapidly wiped the tears from my eyes. Somehow I had achieved the ability to cry again...looks like I wasn't all cried out yet.

"Its gonna be alright." He wrapped me in his arms letting me sob into his shoulder. I was making his shirt a bit soaked, but he didn't seem to mind. I didn't fight out of his hug, I just took it. I needed a friend to talk to, to console me that everything was going to be ok, and at the time it was Niall. Without Harry, I had never felt so alone in my life.

"You want to go home?" He asked still enveloping me in a warm hug. I nodded my head. "But I don't want my mom to see me like this." I muttered. She was going to jump to conclusions and think that I got punched or something.

"It's alright babe, you want to come over to our flat?" "Yes please." With that, Niall grabbed my hand and led me to his sleek black car.

"Do you think Harry will ever come back?" I asked still sniffling a bit as he backed out of the parking spot. "He will love, he promised us that we only had to do a few shows without him." I leaned my head on the window of the car and soon fell asleep to Niall's soft humming of 'Wonderwall'.

~A familiar dark shadowed figure walked up to me. "You and Harry are no longer dating, good that you followed instructions. But I still don't think you understood the severity of the text. I almost killed Harry Styles with the window of GLASS you know. You're lucky that you saved him...but I haven't given up yet. If you think the smash of a window on your head was enough, wait and see what else I'm capable of. I said that you and Harry had to break-up. That meant loose all connections, feelings and emotions of love towards each other. I know that both of you still love each other, change that...before I give you wake-up call NUMBER TWO!"

I sat up with a startle and heavy-breathing. "You ok?" Niall asked calmly beside me. If I had screamed out the feeling I had building inside of me at that time, I was sure that he would have had a change in expression. "Yeah, I'm fine." I lied. I hadn't told him about the first dream, so it was pretty pointless to tell him about my second based on the same text. Only Zayn knew at this moment, so I needed to talk to him right away. For the rest of the ride to the boys' hotel, I was silent...or freaking out actually.

My mind kept wandering back to the incident. The window could have killed Harry, I was just there to push him out of the way in time. If anything happened to him now...I wouldn't know. He was in the UK and I was in Toronto. Thousands of miles apart. I could catch a flight to the UK myself, but what if this was all just some strange coincidence? Then I would look like a paranoid creep. I sighed loudly looking out the window. All I wanted was for Harry to change his mind, to catch the next flight right back to Toronto. But his mind was set, there was nothing I could do.

Niall's POV

When we got to the suite, I noticed that Julie looked even more serious and stressed than she did when we were in the car. So in attempt to make her smile and to tease her a little, I decided to just lean on the door but not open it for her. "Niall...can you please open the door?" Julie asked a little annoyed. "Why you in such a hurry?" I responded with a sly smile waving the key card in the air. As soon as she tried to get it, I raised my hand with the card high in the air. "Come on Niall! Not this again! You know I can't reach!" "Well too bad then, looks like you can't go inside." She crossed her arms on her chest and shot me a sarcastic look. "Nialler...how 'bout you give me the key-" "Julie....how 'bout no," I mocked her tone playfully. She tried to get the card again, but missed as I moved my hand causing her to loose her balance. She fell forward onto me at the same time that Zayn opened the door from the inside. Luckily he moved away right in time before getting crushed under us.

Since I was leaning on the door, I fell flat on the floor; in the doorway of the suite. And since Julie was leaning on me, she fell on top of me face first. "How does this happen every single time you hold up an object? First my phone, now this." She commented trying to pull herself up. "Better question, Zayn why did you have to open the door?" I stayed on the floor rubbing the back of my head that took much of the fall along with my butt. "You guys were talking loudly for like five minutes outside, I thought you forgot your card so I let you in." He calmly walked away like nothing happened, still holding the unspilled cup of coffee in his hand.

As Julie was about to get up, I grabbed her arms and rolled over. Pinning her on the floor with me on top. "Niall get off me." She couldn't help but giggle as she spoke. Yes! I finally got her to smile, mission accomplished. But I didn't want this to end yet..."And why should I?" I asked acting relaxed with no means of moving off her. " 'Cause you're HEAVY!" She whined flailing her arms around. "Fine." I said as I got up and stretched out a hand to help her up.

"Just so you know, I am not heavy. If anything those are my muscles...Welcome to the gun show." I shot her some 'buff guy' moves until she pulled down my arms to stop me. I expected her to just tell me to shut up or to even slap me in a joking manner to get me to quit it, but instead, she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. "I'm not over Harry yet, so I really have no intention on dating again for a long while. But honestly Niall, you are one of the best friends I've ever had. Thank you."

"You know Julie, I-" Just as I was about to speak, Zayn came out of his room with his laptop cutting me off. "So, what are you doing over here?" I watched as Julie's face seemed to harden with his question. Almost like she had suddenly remembered something; The joyfulness she had exhibited, had completely worn off. "Zayn, help, now, please." She said desperately as she pulled the confused boy out to the terrace. I noticed how both their faces turned from rather playful to serious and distressed as soon as she closed the transparent sliding door. I had completely no idea what could have been such a deal to make them so unhappy. Hopefully it wasn't about me...

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