Love Me, Love Me Not

Best friends Bree and Maddie were asked to play for the olympics girls soccer team. Bree turns them down but Maddie's dream is to play in the olympics so of course, she says yes. In London, Bree and Maddie meet 5 amazing charming guys. But what will happen when Maddie has to choose between the olympics or the boys? Find out in "Love Me, Love Me Not!!"
*This is our first story mbitner and I have written together. We can take constructional critism so plz say how we can improve on our story to make us better story writers.. Thanks for reading :) xx


3. Meeting Everyone

"Im so sorry." Harry told Bree. "Its ok." Harry starts writing on a peice of paper he ripped off of his lyrics sheet. He handed it to Bree and said, "maybe we can hang out some time." "Bree we have to go practice" I told her. "Bye!" "Bye." they told each other. We walked to our hotel to get our shoes and soccer balls. As we left our room, we ran into a pretty girl with beautiful brown hair. "Hi. Im BreAnna." She tells us. "Ha Bree she has the same name as you! But spelt differently. Hi BreAnna. Im Maddie and this is Bree." We reply. "Do you mind if I come to the feilds with you guys and practice? I also happen to be in the Olympics". "Of course you can. We may compete against each other but that doesnt mean we cant practice with each other. As soon as we got to the feilds, we started talking about how Bree ran into the famous Harry Styles! I accidently kicked the ball all the way across the feild. "I'll get it!" Bree yells. As she was running across the feild, Harry was there and saw her. "Hey!" Harry yelled, not knowing her name. As she looked to her left to see who yelled, she fell on the ground! We all ran over, even Harry's friends. "Are you ok?" I asked. "Im so sorry!" Harry tells her. One out of four of Harry's friends looked up and saw me. "Hi, I'm Zayn" He tells me. But I'm not really interested. As I looked at BreAnna, I saw her making goo goo eyes at one of Harry's friends and Harrys friend doing the same. This might be the start of a cute relationship for BreAnna and Bree. Im not really sure about Zayn. He's really cute but I'm in love with soccer and soccer has been in my life way longer. "Do you wanna go out for dinner tomorrow?" Zayn asks me. I look at Bree and she looks at me. She nods yes to me but I dont think I want to.

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