Love Me, Love Me Not

Best friends Bree and Maddie were asked to play for the olympics girls soccer team. Bree turns them down but Maddie's dream is to play in the olympics so of course, she says yes. In London, Bree and Maddie meet 5 amazing charming guys. But what will happen when Maddie has to choose between the olympics or the boys? Find out in "Love Me, Love Me Not!!"
*This is our first story mbitner and I have written together. We can take constructional critism so plz say how we can improve on our story to make us better story writers.. Thanks for reading :) xx


2. Finding Our Way

As we entered London, we couldnt believe our sight! All the beautiful places, and not to mention the really cute boys. We remembered the guy, Keith told us to take the bus to the hotel Marina. We sat on the steps of a store and waited for the bus to come. We ran inside to use the bathroom and buy a drink. As soon as we came out, there was our bus. BUT LEAVING!!! "Bree what to we do!" I yelled. "Umm I dont know. Lets wait for the next bus ok? "Ok. Ya ya lets do that" we cried to each other. We sat there for about 5 hours. "Bree its 8:00. We cant just sit here all night waiting for the bus!" I stuttered. "Alright" We walked and walked and walked. We walked 5 miles! Finally we found a hotel! We walked inside and found rats and bugs all over. "Bree I dont want to stay here. We would probably be more comfortable on the streets!!" I cried. "Maddie I would rather sleep in a bed, then on steps. We got comfortable on our beds and soon enough, fell asleep. "AHHHHHH!!!" Bree cried in the middle of the night. "What Bree whats wrong!" "Theirs bugs on my pillow!" She started crying. She ran into my bed and slept there. We woke up and took showers and brushed our teeth. We couldnt wait to get out of there. We finally caught the bus. Bree sat next to a sweaty guy and I sat next to a guy that had a sign taped to his stomach. It said, "will put clothes for food" EEWWW!!!! We couldnt wait to get there. When we got there, we didnt have to pay for ANYTHING! It was all free since I am in the Olympics. "OOHHH Maddie lets go sight seeing" Bree thought "Ok". London is so beautiful! We decided to go to the park and look around. As we entered the park, a tall hot guy ran into Bree. As soon as we caught sight, it happened to be Harry Styles.

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