Love Me, Love Me Not

Best friends Bree and Maddie were asked to play for the olympics girls soccer team. Bree turns them down but Maddie's dream is to play in the olympics so of course, she says yes. In London, Bree and Maddie meet 5 amazing charming guys. But what will happen when Maddie has to choose between the olympics or the boys? Find out in "Love Me, Love Me Not!!"
*This is our first story mbitner and I have written together. We can take constructional critism so plz say how we can improve on our story to make us better story writers.. Thanks for reading :) xx


1. Chosen

Maddie's P.O.V

''Hey girls there is someone over there that wants to talk to you". Coach asked us while Bree and I were practicing our goal kicks. " Hi girls my name is Keith and it would be my pleasure to recruit you guys for the girls olympics soccer team. "I don't, know the Olympics?" Bree was uncertain. "Of course I would love too!" I said excited. It has always been my dream to play in the Olympics for soccer. "Excellent, how about you Bree?" "I'm gonna have to say no. I dont think I'm ready for something like that." Bree replied while twirling her hair. "Ok thats too bad.. We will get you your tickets next week." "Tickets for what?'' I was confused. "Well the Olympics are in London silly." "Oh right I forgot". I was still suprised by the fact I'm gonna be playing in the Olympics. 2 hours later Bree and I returned to my house. "Hey mom were home!!" I yelled knowing if she were home she would hear me. "Hey girls how was practice?" "MOM GUESS WHAT?!" 'What is it?" She chuckled. "Bree and I were asked to play in the Olympics!" "Baby that is amazing!" My brothers walked in as we were talking about the excited news. "What is so amazing?" My brother Nik asked. "I'm gonna.. I'm gonna..." I was too excited to even speak about it even more. "She is gonna play in the Olympics for soccer". "But we only have two tickets mom so.. I wanted to..." "It's ok baby you two can go together. We can watch you play on t.v." I sighed in releif. "Thanks mom, your the best!" 2 months later.... "LONDON HERE WE COME!" Bree and I screamed as we were boarding the plane.

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