Love Me, Love Me Not

Best friends Bree and Maddie were asked to play for the olympics girls soccer team. Bree turns them down but Maddie's dream is to play in the olympics so of course, she says yes. In London, Bree and Maddie meet 5 amazing charming guys. But what will happen when Maddie has to choose between the olympics or the boys? Find out in "Love Me, Love Me Not!!"
*This is our first story mbitner and I have written together. We can take constructional critism so plz say how we can improve on our story to make us better story writers.. Thanks for reading :) xx


6. Cancelled

I woke up and I felt lots of pain in my face. I looked around the room and saw Bree and BreAnna beside my bed. "Where...where am I?" I asked confused. "Your in the hospital Maddie" Bree said with a tear dropping from her eye. "Why, what happened?" "You were hit in the face with the ball when you were playing goalie" "Who kicked me?" I saw Bree look over at BreAnna who I could tell was crying non stop because her eyes were red a puffy. "Maddie I am so sorry!" She was starting to cry. "Dont be I'm sure you didnt mean to... I probably wasn't paying attention." I said trying to make her feel less guilty. "Actually, you weren't. That's how you got hit. The boys were calling our names and you turned around and when you looked back, the ball hit you and it was too late." We were inturrupted when we heard a knock on the door. Zayn walked in with the rest of the boys behind him. They were all carrying stuff. Zayn had a stuffed bear and chocolates, Harry had flowers along with Niall, Liam had a balloon that said, get well soon, and Louis was holding a card. "How you feeling babe?" Liam asked concerned. "My face hurts." "Probably cause your so beautiful" Zayn said trying to flirt with me. "Thanks?" The doctor soon walked in. " How are you feeling?" "My face is hurting a bit." "I cant blame you, the ball hit you so hard it broke your right jaw, and we had to do surgery on your face. You will be able to go home later on today or tomorrow morning. I'll be back and let you know soon." "Thanks, doctor". He smiled and I smiled back. 5 minutes later the doctor walked in. "Good news, you can go home at noon today. But I will need to perscribe you with some pills." "Ok thank you doctor." It soon hit noon and the boys were already gone. Me and the girls left. We got to the hotel and I looked in the mirror. The whole right side of my face was red and puffy. The jaw part anyway. I was putting on my soccer shorts when I heard Bree talking to me. " I hope your getting dressed in pajamas." She was raising her left eyebrow. "To the feilds?" " I dont think so. The doctor said you have to rest today." "Ok mom!" She laughed. "How am I supposed to go out tonight then?" "Ohhh right." Bree was rubbing her "mustache". I'll just text the boys and cancel for tonight." I was releived. But there was a small part of me that was dissapionted. The boys replied later asking to go tomorrow night. It's a date.

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