Love Me, Love Me Not

Best friends Bree and Maddie were asked to play for the olympics girls soccer team. Bree turns them down but Maddie's dream is to play in the olympics so of course, she says yes. In London, Bree and Maddie meet 5 amazing charming guys. But what will happen when Maddie has to choose between the olympics or the boys? Find out in "Love Me, Love Me Not!!"
*This is our first story mbitner and I have written together. We can take constructional critism so plz say how we can improve on our story to make us better story writers.. Thanks for reading :) xx


5. Call 911!

 I took a shower than when I got out I put on my favorite sun dress and braided my hair to the side. Then I just put a little make up on. Bree was wearing a shirt that said "I love England" with some skinny jeans. BreAnna wore her soccer tournement shirt with shorts. We headed out the door and went off shopping. I swear, I think we hit every clothes store in England and I found nothing. Bree bought a strapless dress with flowers on it from Hollister. BreAnna bought a purple dress with ruffles on it that went down to her knees. "It's hopeless guys, there is just nothing for me to..." I was inturrupted when I heard BreAnna squeal. "Omg Maddie, this is the most beautiful dress my eyes have ever laid on!" And she wasn't wrong, it looked beautiful. So, I decided to buy it. When we got to the hotel we all got changed in different clothes, took our makeup off, and tied our hair up in buns. We all arrived at the feild. I looked over and saw Bree looking for Harry. She didnt say anything but by the way she was acting, I could tell she was. We were planning on practicing for about 3 to 4 hours. Since Bree had nothing to train for, she was mine and BreAnna's mentor. We worked out, ran laps, passed the ball, did throw ins, all sorts of stuff. Right when BreAnna kicked a goal ball to me when I was goalie, we heard people yelling our names. I knew straight away who it was by their accents. When I turned around I saw a ball heading towards my face and it hit me so hard, I saw nothing but a bright white light. I was on the ground moaning and groaning and I could barely open my eyes but I tried my best and when I looked up their were 7 people looking down at me. "Are you ok?!" I heard Bree yelling. I said nothing. I couldn't say anything it hurt so much. " Are you ok babe, do you need a doctor?" Zayn yelled. Just the way he called me babe sent shivers down my spine. I could barley open my eyes. All I heard was call 911!!!! She needs a doctor!!!! 5 minutes later, I felt people picking me up and laying me on something. Then I couldn't hear anything else. 

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