Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


50. What did he do?

Zayns POV

She blows my minds.

"Strange is right.." Harry said as he smiled and got up, going to the kitchen and getting water.
"Did I miss something?" Danielle laughed and sat on Liam's lap.
"Danielle, you're amazing." Louis hugged her and she had a confused look, "Uh, you're welcome?"
Liam laughed and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist.
"How did you persuade Adriana to come here?"
I really wanted to know, Adriana would have never came if any of us asked her...
"I just asked if she wanted to come, it took a bit of persuading, but once I told her she didn't have to speak to any of you. She was alright with the idea." I felt a bit disappointed because I hoped for an answer like, 'I just asked and she said yes because she really misses all of you.' Maybe adding, 'Especially you Zayn.' Would have made it better. I laughed quietly under my breath.
"But she talked to us.. She said we hated her." Danielle shrugged, "Adriana's... Different, and I mean it in a good way. She's obviously quite a challenge but she's a good person." I smiled hearing good things about her.
"That's what I like about her... She's a challenge. She's not like every girl, she's better." I looked behind me and I saw Harry drinking water, he was blushing a tad bit.
I chose to ignore what he said though, "I don't know if I should take that as an insult or.."
Harry chuckled at Danielle's response.
"I meant as in, uh.. You know. The type of girls I go for, Adriana isn't, that type... She's different, good different like you said. I.. Uh, I don't know how to explain it."

Danielle continued on, "So what are you saying? I'm not good different? Because I don't have wavy long brown hair? Is it because I have natural curly hair? Huh?"
Danielle smiled a bit and Liam did too.
I laughed wanting to know what Harry would respond.
He looked shocked and had a what? smile on his face...
"No! You have lovely hair! It's not that! You're Liam's type, not mine. That's why you two are erm.. Dating."

"What's Liam's type? What's the difference between types?"
"It has nothing to do with the hair! What I meant by types is that the personality."
"So... What do you mean by that? Adriana has a lovely personality so what does that make me?"
"Harry are you saying Danielle has a bad personality?" Niall asked sarcastically and jokingly at him.
"It's pretty much what you're insisting!" Louis told Harry as he laughed.
"That's not quite nice knowing her boyfriend is our best mate and worst of all he's right there."
I told Harry since this was becoming really fun.

Harry was taken back, he still had a dumb smile on his face.
"You have a great personality thats not what I meant at all!" He smiled and Danielle began to laugh.
"Harry, I just joking!" Harry put his arms to the back of his head.
"Why!" He asked and laughed and left to his room.
We all started laughing and Niall's face was red.

"Why are you all laughing so much?" I heard Danni come up behind me and she put her hand on the couch and used one hand to ruffle my hair.
I took her hand off gently and fixed my hair, "Why the hair love?"
She giggled and went on the floor next to Niall, "Niall, you look as red an apple!"
Apple? Louis chuckled, "Don't you mean tomato babe?"
Danni shook her head, "I hate tomatoes." Niall calmed a bit and rested his head on her shoulder.
"Hi! You must be Niall's girlfriend!"
Danielle introduced herself and Danni smiled.
"I am! I'm Danni, Liam constantly talks about you! I didn't know you were coming, I guess Liam forgot to tell me. Great to finally meet you though!"
Danielle smiled and playfully hit Liam's chest.
"Why didn't you tell Danni here I was coming?"
Liam made a shocked face, "I didn't even know you were coming!"
Danni laughed, lately Danni and Liam gotten close. It reminded me of Louis and Adriana's best friend relationship.
Louis an Adriana were way crazier and louder than them though. Danni and Liam were quiet but so loud when they get excited. It's only been a short time too, so no one but them how they really act.

My phone began to buzz and I pulled it out from my pocket, I checked to see a message from Paul.

From: Pauly
'Photo shoot in two hours, Lou's on her way. Watch Lux for her, and don't leave her to only Danni, poor girl needs a break.'
Sent at 1:46 PM

I chuckled and responded back

To: Pauly
'Danielle's here too, they'll be fine! By the way we do watch Lux!'
Sent at 1:47 PM

"We have a photo shoot in two hours" I handed Louis my phone and he nodded handing it back to me.
"That must mean Lou's coming! With Lux?"
I nodded towards Danielle and Danni sighed but smiled.
"Let me guess they leave you alone with Lux huh? Don't worry about it love! I'll help you."
"Niall helps a bit, until he gets hungry he's gone." Danni smiled and Niall laughed.
"At least I stay for a bit" Danni stuck her tongue out and Niall kissed her cheek.
I thought how I could have that, Niall and Danni were a match made in heaven. What if I had that type of relationship... With Adriana. I smiled and my cheeks went hot.
"Zayn... Zayn? Hello Zayn?" I heard people call my name but I just didn't care I was thinking...
"Everything's on fire!" I heard Louis yell in my ear and I jumped pushing him away, "Don't do that!" Louis laughed with everyone else.
"Maybe if you stayed in reality, that would help mate." Liam chuckled at his own joke and Danielle joined him.
Reality... Reality was amazing except for one part... I was missing someone special.


Adriana's POV
I stayed for awhile talking to Josh and his girlfriend, she was absolutely the sweetest person.
I walked out to the lobby and got outside, "Let you in?" I turned to look at the man who wouldn't let us in the time before.
"What do you think?" He nodded, "Sorry if I was being rude to you, I'm usually not like that..." He smiled at me and I took that as a response as he didn't say anything back.

I walked out and I had totally forgotten about the fans outside as soon as I got out I heard names being yelled at me.
"Slut!" "I hate you!" "Leave the boys alone!" "You're disgusting!" "Go away!"
A crowd surrounded me and I couldn't move anymore. My car was still farther but I was stuck in between girls who were screaming at me.
"Let me go.." I told them as I tried to go through.
"Trash about the boys we trash about you!" I heard someone scream the loudest.

I deserved it.
I talked bad about them, when I should have been honest the whole time, the main point of the magazine.
"I'm sorry.." I said quietly. I stood there taking in everything everyone yelled at me.
I still had to leave though, I felt tears going down my cheek.
"They hate you! Everyone hates you!" "Die already!" "You're not important!" "You think you're pretty? I can't believe they picked to put you in that magazine!" "I nearly puked seeing you!"
I cried hearing all those words thrown at me. What was worse was that I deserved it... I wiped my tears but more kept coming.
"Everyone move!" I heard a deep voice yell.
I stood in between close to a hundred of girls just screaming who was someone to try to get get me out? I was crying and sniffling.
"Move out of my way! You're all the lowest people I've ever seen!"
I turned hearing the voice closer to me and I saw it was Max.

"Max... I need to hear all of this. Go..." I pleaded for him to leave, as soon as I said those words cameras began flashing at me.
"Adriana, shut up! Lets go!" I felt someone tugging on my arm and I didn't believe it was Max, he was strong, but he's never had that strength.. It was a strong grip and I was pulled through the group of girls. I felt a few nails scratch at me and the yelling continued only louder though. I felt someone punching at me, mostly at my back. My ankle hurt as it got stuck at something and I whimpered as Max continued to pull on me.
I finally saw I was out but the girls only followed, I saw Max's face now and his eyes were darker than I'd ever seen them before. He ran and I tried my best following and soon enough we got far enough that we got into a door and just hide there. I heard sirens of the police and yelling, "You all need to leave immediately!" It sounded like it was coming from a bullhorn, sooner or later you couldn't hear the screaming anymore.

Tears ran down my cheek one after one and I looked to the ceiling, all those words they said.. They all defined me. I cried more and more, what I was I thinking agreeing to go into that car with Harry... I should've have never done it.
"What the hell were you thinking just letting them say that to you?!" Max yelled at me, pushing me against the wall and wrapped his hands on my arms, with the strong grip again. I whimpered again, this hurt so much more than being pulled by him.
"You're an idiot! Why would you do that!" I listened to his words, they were true too. I didn't want to look into his eyes, they scared me.. They were dark and it was a side I've never seen from Max.
"Why would you do it?! Why didn't you leave! Why the hell are you even here?!"
I cried not daring too look at him.
"Why the hell are you here Adriana!" He yelled at me and his grip got stronger. I yelled out in pain, but he kept his grip.
"Tell me why you're here! Tell me!!" I was scared and I couldn't feel my ankle anymore.
"You think I'm an idiot?! As soon as I went into the Internet I saw your face plastered everywhere!"
I cried silently and I didn't say anything to him.
"As soon as I saw who you were with! Danielle? Liam Paynes girlfriend! What the hell were you thinking?! You're an idiot!"

I let my head fall finally looking at his eyes and I saw pure anger. I was terrified of him, his jaw was tense and his veins showed on his neck.
I breathed hard and soon enough I couldn't feel my arms either.
"You cheated on me! Didn't you!!" He accused me for something I didn't do, I finally let a few words out, "Let go... Please."
More tears fell from my eyes and I saw someone walk in.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw us, I saw her with a little girl next to her. She looked shocked by the look in her face. Max let go of me, and she ignored us looking back quickly and kept walking.
"Adr-iana" I heard the little girl say, she was walking holding onto her mom, I'm guessing. Before I could do anything else, I remembered that was Lux... That must have been her mom, Lou.

Max had his hands ruffling through his hair and he looked at me... I put my hand on my arm and I winced as I felt pain shoot through me.
I looked at Max and he had a guilty look, "I'm so sorry.."

"Adriana, I- I didn't mean to do that, I'm so sorry."
I put my arms on my chest and didn't look at him. He put his hands on my back moving me closer to him, "Adriana.."
I was terrified of him, the look in his eyes... He wasn't Max, he was someone else.
I backed up but he got closer to me and I kept moving away from him. He reached his arm closer to me and I backed away. "Don't touch me." I spat at him, he looked straight into my eyes with a sad guilty look.

"Adriana you know I wouldn't do that... I don't know what I was thinking," I stayed back ignoring him. I was by the door now, I put the lock on the door before I did though I pushed on the door and ran out.

I slammed the door shut. "Adriana!" Max slammed his hands on the door, I began to run to my car.. I just hoped all the girls actually left.
After I got closer to the car but it was still on the other side, I heard yelling behind me, "Adriana!" I continued running not bothering to look behind me. It was getting harder since my ankle was painful, I felt myself slow down and I felt arms wrap on my waist and I tried slipping out, "Let go of me!"

I scratched at Max's arms but he kept his grip on me. I was scared and I cried out more, "Max, please!" He let go of my waist but still held onto my hand, "Let go of me Max! Let go!" I tried taking my hand back but that wasn't going to work either.
"Why are you running?" I glared at him and pulled my hand away.

"Why am I running? You were hurting me! I swear Max! Half the time you can't process what you're even doing!"
He didn't know what to say and I wanted to leave.
"I was trying to help you! They were screaming saying all this crap!... They were hitting you, Adriana! I don't know about you but I didn't like hearing or seeing any of it."

"So then why would you do the same?"
Out of everything he could have done he chose to squish my arms to the point where I couldn't feel them, crying and yet he decided to still yell at me at the same time...

He stayed silent, "Just leave me alone Max."
I turned to walk away but stopped when I heard him.
"What does leave me alone mean... Leave you alone to give you space or leave you alone... We're done?"


Harry's POV

Adriana had this weird way with everything, I really loved that about her. I felt bad for keeping that secret from her... I had to, we had to keep it though. Adriana didn't understand that. I know we lost her trust it killed me because all I wanted was for Adriana to know she could trust me.

I looked over to Louis' bed... I'm sure he was still mad at me, I was upset he took it so harshly that he went to sleep in the guest room. He sounded pretty happy this morning though, Adriana was obviously the reason. I had no idea what she meant by, 'Doesn't mean it's the total truth'. I didn't know if she meant that she still wanted to be friends or Ed Sheeran wasn't her celebrity crush... Or exactly what part wasn't the truth? I sighed, leaving my room after putting on a shirt I saw Lou walk in.
"What are you doing here Lou?" She only came if we had to get ready or if she wanted us to watch Lux for awhile.

"Oh, Paul told me we have a photo shoot." Zayn told me as I took Lux from Lou.

"Oh, alright. Hey Lux! Miss me?" I smiled at her, kissing her cheek.
"Adriana!" She pointed towards the door and I smiled at her. She must have seen Adriana on her way out.

"She keeps saying that name, she must've confused her with the girl we saw when we came in... It couldn't have been her, since this whole... thing going on, she was with a boy also." I stopped to look towards Lou who was placing her things on the floor, A boy?

"But Adriana was just here? With Danielle... What boy?"
Lou's eyes were big, "Oh please tell me that wasn't Adriana.."
I looked to Lux and smiled gently and quickly went back to Lou. "Lux did you see Adriana?"
Zayn asked her and Lux nodded then turned to me playing with my necklace I had on.

"Why? You look worried... What happened?"
Lou moved her hand through her hair, at Liam's question.
"Lou.. No ones there." Paul walked in with a confused face.
"The guy.. He was getting pretty rough with the girl.. He held her against the wall and I heard someone yell, like pain before I walked in. She had a scared look..." I put Lux down.

Max, my immediate thought was Max.. Lux knew who Adriana was.. I ran out of the room and I heard someone else's feet behind me too.
I ran out to the lobby and ran out the door. I looked to my sides and I turned around to see Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam behind me. I was breathing hard trying to catch my breath..
I ran barefoot around the parking lot, where was she? I wasn't letting that arse touch Adriana ever again.

"She must have left already." I heard Zayn say breathing hard too.
I looked everywhere and on the side of my eye I saw Adriana walking.
"Adriana!" I ran to her, she was fine... I saw her with scratches on her face, she stopped and looked up to me. I was next to her and I hugged her.
"Ow.." I heard her say quietly and I looked at her, "What happened? Are you alright? Where is he.." I looked at her and she looked straight at me. I heard the lads coming behind me.
"I'm fine, just bruised up a bit. It wasn't from him so.. It doesn't matter."
I looked at her arms and it had hand marks.. I looked at her curiously, "Adriana.." Niall said behind me..
He moved closer to Adriana and he touched her arm, she moved her arm away.
"I'm fine alright?" She sounded annoyed, "Where is he?"
Zayn sounded angry and I knew he wanted to smack sense into that arse.

I wanted to too, really badly.



I updated on Hurt ! I hope all of you get a chance to read it(: I hope all of you also enjoyed this chapter ! :D Who knows what happened with Max & Adriana, done or not ? What about the boys ? What are they going to do to Max after what he did to Adriana ? Wowww. This took me awhile to do this, I kept deleting and re writing & I hope you loved it ! :D

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