Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


65. What could I have possibly done now?

Adriana's POV
I was looking outside my window looking at the landscape. It was quiet... It was about 1 in the afternoon, I sighed. I was bored.
To: Max
'Bored... Wanna come to the mall w/ me?'
Sent at 1:04 PM

I was going to go either way, I had money to spend, why not?
I got dressed wearing capris with a loose light blue with white polka dots shirt that tied in the front.
I put on my makeup and gotten my purse and put on blue sandals that zipped from the back.

From: Max
'I can't, working :/'
Sent at 1:09 PM

Oh well then. He was hardly around since he started his job but he still managed to stop by. He worked at this instrument shop. It paid well he told me, that's good for him, he could finally get a car soon instead of only being able to use his motorcycle in the summer.

After heading to my car and driving to the mall I immediately went to Forever 21. I bought a few shirts, shorts, jeans, and skirts.
I walked out with two bags and made my way to Wet Seal. The mall was crowded and everyone was doing their own thing, I felt people who walked pass me murmuring something but I couldn't tell. It was probably just in my head... I took out my phone.

From: Max
'Sorry babe.'
Sent at 1:33 PM

From: Tony
'Ill be around at 5'
Sent at 1:34 PM

From: Alejandro
'Darling! Great news, you look absolutely fabulous in your cover. I'm looking at it right now. It will be next to the magazines starting tomorrow. ;)'
Sent at 1:40 PM

I felt like I was going to scream but not in public, that would be bad. I put my phone back in my pocket and walked into Wet Seal. I was so excited I can't believe I actually posed for Sheek Magazine, that's huge! I calmed myself after awhile and once I was at the register I heard a girl behind me saying my name.
I turned around and looked at them, and looked away. One had blonde hair and the other girl had red hair. They were both shorter than me too.

Were they saying something about me? How did they even know my name?

"Um.." The blonde girl behind me poked my shoulder and I looked at her, "Are you Adriana?"
I nodded and gave a small smile. "Oh my gosh... Really? So you know One Direction?"
"I did..." I swallowed and the woman behind the register got interested in the conversation as she stated at us and looked curiously at my face.
"Do you have their numbers?" I laughed a bit, their numbers?
"Daisy be quiet..." The girl with red hair talked lower but I could still hear her, "She's not friends with them anymore."
I felt my heart drop and I looked to the ground, "Sorry I can't help you with their numbers." I looked back to the woman and handed her money.
"Here's your change"
I took the money and put it in my wallet as she handed me my bag.
I was walking out before the girl with the blonde hair, Daisy I believe, stopped me.
"Uh... This is weird but can you follow me on Twitter?" I couldn't help but let a smile slip from my face, I turned around and nodded, "Sure, what's your username?"
She told me and I typed it in and followed her, "There you go" I started walking out again until they called me out again, "Thank you..." I looked back and put a thumbs up, "Great meeting you two." I waved bye and walked out of the store.
I started walking around, looking and I felt people were following me. I looked behind me every now and then and there were people behind me but then again there were a lot of people at the mall today.
I walked longer and I looked back to see the same people only a bit more following me, "Is there something I can help you with..?" I asked kindly not trying to be rude to the group of mostly girls about ten and three boys I think. Some looked away and started talking to themselves.
"You're Adriana..." I nodded still confused on why they were following me. "You're amazing." I heard one say, "I love you..." I heard a boy say. A few of them walked closer and started surrounding me, "You're an inspiration" "I can't believe you're here" "You're really pretty" "How is Harry?" "Is Zayn alright?" "What about Niall?" "And Louis and Liam?" "You're my idol" I heard those being passed around and I laughed hearing them, "Wait who just said I was their idol? I don't do anything how am I your idol?" I laughed more and they all smiled, giggling too. "Because you're so nice no matter how many rude things you get towards you."
"I would think an idol is more of someone who's changed a life, has helped you out in any sort of way, or something like that."

They all moved farther giving me space as I started to talk to them more. "Well I stopped cutting because of you. I saw how nicely you acted around others and how you didn't let them bring you down so..  I stopped." I looked at the girl who said this, she was right there and I smiled at her, "I'm proud of you, it takes a really strong person to stop doing this." She showed me her arm and her eyes got watery and I hugged her. I still didn't see how I could ever possibly be an 'idol'.
I don't do much, all I do is pose for pictures when I'm asked, it was all I seemed good for. I was never told different too.
After about twenty minutes of talking to them, I got a call from Max.
"I have to go, it was amazing talking to you guys, you're all hilarious. How are we not best friends?" They laughed and I smiled hugging them quickly. When I saw the girl who had the cuts on her arm and I hugged her tighter, "I never want to see you cut again, your skins not for that."
She nodded and hugged me again and I waved bye to all of them.
I called Max back as I turned my back to the group that had just walked away, "Hey"
"Hi babe, you still at the mall?"
"Of course I am. I was just talking to some people I bumped into, why?"
"No reason just wonderin'. I'm on break just thought I'd call see what's going on with my boo." I giggled, feeling my cheeks burn.
"Your boo? Cheeky."
"Yeah my boo, my bae. That sounds weird, I'll stick to boo." I laughed, "So what do I call you?"
"I don't know, something hot..."
"Jalapeño, now that's hot."
"You're so weird" He laughed and I could tell he had a big smile on his face.
"So what are you doing right now?" I heard him ask me.

"Boo!" I heard someone behind me say and I looked up and saw David. "David!"
I put my phone to my side and hugged him, "What are you doing here?"
We both pulled away and he smiled, "I was stalking you... I'm kidding I was just around because you know only mall in Chicago I come to..."
"Right... I think I believe the stalking part more..." We laughed.
"So what's this about you on a magazine?" I shrugged, "I don't know.. What've you heard?" I smiled and he pulled his phone out, "I took a picture of it, look at you. I gotta say you look hot." I bursted out laughing and saw the picture he took.
"Sure. Ah, yeah. I got a job, modelling is what I like to do now."
"That's awesome. That's great... So how about we hang around. If that's okay if you?" I nodded, "Yeah that's fine.." I realised I was still in a call with Max and I quickly put the phone to my ear, "Sorry!"
"Who are you with? Why did he just say your hot? Why are you with him? Adriana what the fuck is happening answer me."
"Woah, calm down..."
I covered the phone, "I'll be with you in a sec." David nodded and started walking off.
"Max calm down. I'm just with a friend."
"Don't tell me to calm down, I heard what he was saying. He said you were hot and I'm pretty sure he's looking at you right now isn't he?"
I looked back and saw David staring at me, "Stop overreacting. He's a friend, why are you so jealous?"
"He has a picture of you on his phone!"
"So do you what's the problem?"
"I'm allowed to though, I'm your boyfriend!"
I was so confused with Max was he being serious?
"You're acting ridiculous, talk to me when you stop. Goodbye." I hung up and locked the screen.

As I walked back to David, I saw a text come on the screen.

From: Max
'If he pulls anything ill kill him.'
Sent at 2:04 PM

I swallowed realising that if Max really wanted to he would, but he couldn't possibly mean it. He was just jealous.
"Everything alright?" I nodded, "Yeah fine." I gave him a reassuring smile and we started walking around the mall.

Max's POV
I'm the jealous type what do you want me to act like when some guy calls my girlfriend hot?
"Hey Roger, I'm gotta go." I yelled out already getting my keys to my motorcycle.
"What? Why?"
"I just gotta go, I'll do over time tomorrow."
"Yeah you better."
I walked out and went to my motorcycle, I knew I could trust Adriana but I had my doubts sometimes, she did kiss Zayn when we were going out.
I knew I had cheated on her and a lot of times but I didn't really see it as a bad thing.
I started my way to the mall, only focusing on how he could be pulling moves on her.

I got to the mall and ran inside, I started walking once I was in and I looked around, I had no idea how I'd find her but I would.

I went to her favourite stores, nothing. The only other place she could be at was the food court, and if I knew better she would be across the Panda Express.
I looked around, hearing some girls giggling and accidentally running into me. I started looking at the back until I saw her. She was just having a blast. The guy was laughing too, he looked older, maybe a few years.... He had eyebrow piercing and both his ears pierced too. The guy put a hand around her shoulders and made his way down her arm, she covered her laugh with her hand, that was it. I walked to them and the guy looked at me still laughing.
"Mind getting your hands off my girlfriend?"
Everything automatically changed, the guy stopped smiling, Adriana looked at me and I looked at the guy.
"Don't touch my girlfriend." I told him and he took his hands off, "Sorry bro..." He looked at Adriana quickly and back at me, "Max all he was showing me was a magic trick!"
"Yeah, this quarter was going to be out on her shoulder and it's gonna slide down and appear in her hand."
I looked at her, "He has another quarter in his hand, all he does is slide down your arm and he's gonna take this quarter off your shoulder and you wont realise. Now you know. Lets go." I told her really fast, I held onto Adriana's arm and she tried pulling away. "Max, can you stop?!" She looked at me and have me threatening eyes.

Adriana's POV
I knew better than to let David see us yell at each other so I just let him pull me from my seat.
"It was nice seeing you David" I pulled my arm off from Max and have David a hug.
"Sorry about him" I whispered and I felt him nod, "It's alright."
I pulled off from him but David didn't want to let go, I felt Max's hand on my shoulder and I had my arms stretch out pushing David off. "Okay, okay. I'll see you another time." He let go now and I waved bye as I took my bags from the ground.
Max pulled on me and I went with him and walked next to him.
"You're unbelievable..." I spat at him and he put his hand on my head and kissed my hair on my head. "I'm pissed off at you, don't kiss me."
"I saw how he was looking at you. How much he's still looking?" I looked down and slowly looked back to see him staring and he smiled lightly at me. I smiled back and looked back at Max, "I actually hate you right now."
He chuckled, "No you don't." He lifted my chin and kissed me and that's when I saw the flashing everywhere.

"Adriana!" "Adriana!!" My name was being called out from everywhere was this even allowed at the mall?!
"Zayn Malik confesses his love towards you!" I heard one person yell as they flashed their camera at me.
My eyes went wide, I looked at Max and saw pure hatred in his eyes.
"Zayn admits he loves you! Do you love him?!"
"What are you talking about?!" I yelled at them and so many more people surrounded us, I was squished and Max held tight to my hand.
I was claustrophobic and this made me feel woozy. "Please, can you... Stop!" I yelled and I held tighter onto Max and I had tears in my eyes. I didn't know what to do or say, only one thought came to my mind.


I heard myself yell and I quickly closed my mouth and felt my stomach twist. I looked for Max and I saw him with his wide eyes. I felt my heart fall seeing his expression and tears slipped out, "Adriana!" More people called my name. I felt like a million pounds was on top of me.
My vision was blurry now, I didn't know if it was the tears or I just couldn't take being so squished.
I felt my eyes closing and I was getting short breath, it was so hot too.
More cameras flashed on me and I fell to the floor, fainting.

"Move out of the way!" I heard faintly, I wanted to say Harry again but I couldn't. I felt like I only said Harry because he was the one who was protective of me.
"Move!" I felt someone lifting me and I could still see the flashes with my eyes closed.
"I've got you." I tried to open my eyes and I did but barely until a flash went right onto my face and I was blinded. I felt weak and I opened my eyes after a few seconds and I saw Max carrying me, I saw so many people following us with cameras in hand.
I felt the sun hitting me and then his pace went faster. "My keys.. In my pocket" I tried reaching for them but Max grabbed them for me and I put my head on his chest and I heard my car sound. Max opened a door and I felt myself being lowered and soon enough it closed and I opened my eyes and saw people on the windows.
"Calm down, I'm right here.." I heard Zayn's voice but when I looked he wasn't there. "You're going to be alright" I heard another voice say, Liam. "Relax..." Niall.
"Everything is fine." Louis.
I didn't see anyone, was I going insane?
"It's alright." Harry's voice passed through me and I finally heard the door open and quickly close.
I didn't remember anything afterward.

"Adriana, come on babe.. Wake up." I felt splashes of water hitting my face and I shook my head and opened my eyes.
I saw Max and my brother staring at me with worried looks. I looked around and I realised I was in my apartment.
"Thank god you're awake." I heard Tony let out a breath and Max immediately grabbed onto me and hugged me as best as he could. "What the hell happened?" I put my hand to my head, "You seriously need to start eating more." I was confused as I looked at Tony. "What?"
"You haven't eaten.. Eat. I brought you a Big Mac, large fries and a sprite." I almost immediately got up and grabbed the bag, I was starving.
I shoved the food in my mouth and Max laughed.
"What happened?" I said with my mouth stuffed. "You passed out. You don't do well in a huge crowd." Tony told me. "Why?"
I asked and I glanced at Max hoping he could answer me, "Something stupid."
I didn't remember hearing anything... I felt depressing smack me in the face.
I slowed down on eating and reached for my phone in my pocket.
I pulled it out and looked at Twitter, '@Adri1995 congrats over 14 million girls are pissed off at you'
'@Adri1995 you got what you wanted whore.'
'@Adri1995 you're disgusting. Why he chose you, I don't know.'

And that was all in my timeline. I set my phone down, I was not going to cry again.
"Oh" Was all I could manage to say. "You alright?" Tony looked at me, I shook my head.
I couldn't find words, what could I have possibly done now to make people say those things?
"What did I do?" I told them, honestly what could I have possibly done now to upset people? Wasn't I just at the mall?! I'm getting sick and tired of this!

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