Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


13. We won't change.

Adriana's POV

I couldn't wake him up so I slowly closed the door and tip toed to my room. I quickly got some clothes put them on and put some in my bag and grabbed a sticky note.

I wrote on it saying:

Leo. Please leave. Leave the key on the counter and don't come back.


I walked slowly to the kitchen and stuck it on the couch slowly. I grabbed my bag and my phone and locked the door and walked out. I called Danni to pick me up. I was in the lobby and sat down on a chair they had.

"Danni? Hey. Can you pick me up at my apartment. I found Leo sleeping on the couch. Ugh. I'll explain later."

"Hey, uh...yeah I'll be right there." She hung up and I waited for fifteen minutes until I heard,

"Adriana!" I heard Leo yelling coming down the stairs.

No...  I can't stand him!

"Adriana! Why are you doing this to me..." He saw me.. Too late to run. What did he mean doing this to him! He was the one who started fighting with Zayn.

"Leo! Just leave!" I got up to go to the door and walk outside but before I got to the door, Leo grabbed my wrist and put his hands on my face and kissed me.

Ok. No, that is the last time someone else grabs me and kisses me! I pulled away and slapped him.

When I did a fist came up behind me and I saw Leo fall back. I turned around to see Louis.

"Are you ok?"

Louis just punched Leo and he was bleeding... Oh no.

"I'm fine... Why did you punch him?" I saw Leo on the ground trying to get up.

"No girl deserves to be taken for granted. When I saw him kiss you, And you slapped him. I had to punch him." Leo got up from the ground and he looked angry but sad.

"Never touch her again. Alright!? I brought you this... I was hoping I didn't miss you. Good thing I didn't."

He eyed Leo and he handed me a necklace, I looked quickly at Leo and then at the necklace... It was a gold infinity necklace and it had engraved,

'We promise we won't change. Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall,& Liam xxxxx'

I smiled at Louis and hugged him, "I love it! You didn't need to get me this though..."

I didn't understand why and what it meant...

"I have to go, we did... I'll explain later. Were you going somewhere? Ill walk you out."

I nodded my head and quickly looked at Leo and gave him a disappointed look. Another man walked to him, and Leo pushed him away as he walked away.

I was outside and cameras started flashing.

"Hi Louis!!" A lady with a mic came up to us. "I really have to go..." Louis quickly walked away with me and I saw Danni in her car waiting,

"Thank you Louis, I won't forget this!"

I hugged Louis for awhile, as the cameras were still flashing and yelling was in filling my ears. I waved bye to Louis as he walked to his car and I got in with Danni.

"What is this?" Danni looked worried. The lady with the mic came to me and was asking to lower the window. I ignored her, why did she want to talk to me?

"Just go..." Danni started the car and we drive off.


"Tell me now. Adriana what's happening?" I hadn't told Danni anything. All she knew was that I'm friends with One Direction but she doesn't know that I like two of them, the fight with Zayn and Leo, the boat... And the break up...

"Let's go get some coffee, I'll explain everything there." Danni sighed and we drove to a Starbucks, and we sat down with our coffees. I had to tell Danni everything since she was the only girl I trust.

"Ok. I'll tell you... Everything." Danni looked at me ready to listen and I explained everything.

"Now... I just don't know what to do. I cleared my mind like Louis and Liam told me... I'm just more confused." Danni looked shocked and confused,

"I can't believe this... You broke up with Leo... And you like TWO TEEN SUPERSTARS!" She was yelling and some people starred at us.

I gave them a fake smile and shh'ed Danni.

"Ok, ok.! No need to yell... But pretty much." She had wide eyes at me and she didn't say anything to me.

"Danni, I need you. I need to know what to do... Moments like this I wish I had parents..." Danni looked at me,

"But you do, don't you..." I nodded, "I do, but it's not like they care though. They kicked me out, I'm 17! It seems like a dream, but in reality.... it really isn't."

I felt like there was a tear rolling down my cheek.. I wiped it away...

"How do you know they don't? Just because they kicked you out, they didn't leave you in the streets. They gave you an apartment, and not those crappy ones they have around here. They do care about you."

They never proved to me that they did. If they 'cared' try would at least call, or visit...


I was just so angry at my parents but it wasn't even their fault... Without them kicking me out I would have never met the boys... And that's something I'm never going to regret.

"Come on, let's go shopping to get your mind off things. I have your pay check right here."

She had my pay check! I smiled and took the check.

Finally... I could actually buy some groceries. I hardly had anything left. It wouldn't be that bad if I spent some on clothes... It's not like I'm going to waste all of it. I know how to handle money.


Danni and me drove off to the mall.

"Adriana! Look at this dress... It's beautiful!" I looked at the dress she was talking about, it was gorgeous. It was a long tan dress with a white waist belt... It had jewels at the top and bottom it just made it pop out at the bottom. It was a no strap dress too.

"Wow.... Let's check how much it cost!" I would be willing to spend all my clothes money for it.

"Woah..." Danni looked at the price and I had wide eyes. It cost $500! For a dress! I mean it was beautiful... "Yeah... That's expensive... Come on!"

We walked out and we went to Forever 21, Gap, and other stores. I saw a huge group of girls surrounding some people.

Then I saw Niall's face... Of course.

A huge group of directioners surrounding them.

"Danni! We have to help them..." I ran to the group of girls. "Hey! Don't touch me there..." I heard Louis yell.. More and more girls were coming.

"Niall!" I yelled for him and he turned his head to me and smiled... "Hi..."

Hi? He was being squished by a group of girls and he says hi. Oh my dear Niall...

I pulled on his arm and he jumped out, none of the girls noticed until Niall got up from the ground.

They all formed around Niall and Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry all got out.

"Are you ok?!" I yelled to them. Danni was behind me still pulling Niall,  as the girls started to yell at her.

"You guys go! We'll get Niall." I told them as they ran and more girls went after them. "Niall!!" I yelled and he jumped out,

"Run!" he yelled at me and he started to run as some security men were behind the girls. We made a sharp turn and we were farther ahead.

"Over here!" I hear Harry yell. They were hiding in the bathrooms and I pushed Niall in the boys and we ran in the girls. We heard screaming pass by us and then it went silent. I opened slowly the door and I saw Zayns face pop out.

"Thank you!" Zayn put his hands on my face and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

They all walked out and I could see Niall looking at Danni... Did I miss something here?

Danni's POV


When we saw those group of girls surrounding them, Adriana ran to them.

We eventually got them all out and while I was pulling on Niall's arm we stopped to look at each other, eye to eye. That's when Niall shook his head and told us to run and we did.

Once we lost the group of screaming girls we all came out of the bathroom and I actually got to see them. I was dying in the inside but normal on the outside.

I was with One Direction!! I love their music! Adriana doesn't know I'm crazy about them... Forgot to mention that. I saw Niall starring at me and I kept blushing.

"Hi, I'm Danni." I looked at him and he smiled. I put out my hand, for just a handshake but instead he grabbed my hand and kissed it. "I'm Niall." He was adorable! I started blushing and smiling like crazy.

"Um..." I turned to look at Liam. All of them were staring at Niall and me. I looked at Niall who never looked away from me.

"Sorry..." I looked at them.

"You two need to get a room. I don't need to see you guys make out... I'm Louis by the way!" I chuckled, I guess it was true when everyone said Louis was sassy.

"While they're having there own love thing... Hi!" Liam turned to Adriana as he hugged her.

"It's only been a few hours... You miss me already?" Adriana hugged him back. I turned to Niall and he was smiling at me.

"Now who's your lovely friend?" Liam smiled at me.

"I'm Danni." They all smiled at me, "Nice to meet you Danni!" Liam came up to me for a hug, I gave him a quick hug before we both let go.

"By the way I'm Zayn." I smiled at Zayn and Niall turned to me. "Were you going any where else?" I shook my head,

"No, we already got everything..Right?" I was sure we did, I turned to Adriana and she nodded,

"Yeah we were actually leaving until we saw those girls... I couldn't leave who ever was in there. Then I saw Niall's face."

She looked over to Niall. I smiled at him and then I looked down, he was still holding my hand... I looked back at him and he was blushing and he quickly let go.

"Yeah... We were leaving too. Wait.. Where's your necklace!" Louis said looking at her. Adriana quickly dug in her pocket and took out a necklace.

"Sorry I forgot to put it on..." It was an infinity necklace, it was precious.

"Here I'll put it on." Harry quickly took the necklace and put it around her neck.

"She knows why she got it though right?"

Adriana's POV

"She knows why she got it right?" I looked to Niall, what did he mean... I looked at Harry quickly and then to Louis.

"Yeah, you never told me why you got me this..." I said touching the necklace. I didn't know what it meant either.

Harry cleared his throat and moved away from me. Zayn looked down and didn't dare look at me... Niall looked away from me and Danni and moved away from us. Liam looked everywhere other than me.

"Louis?" He looked away and quickly looked back. "Um.. Yeah?" Why we're they acting like this?

"Why did you all get me this necklace? What does it mean..." I looked to Danni, I was really worried.. What of something was wrong?

"Oh.. Well, we don't live here, just touring... You know that. But after tomorrow... We aren't going to be here.We gave you the necklace so you could remember us and it means that we won't change, we'll be the same cheeky lads you know."


Wha- What... I knew that they were touring but.. I didn't think they'd ever have to go. It just never crossed my mind.... I wasn't going to see them anymore.

That's why Louis came to my apartment to give me the necklace and he wasn't going to come back after that.

None of them were.

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