Fighting For Love

One Direction fanfic. 17 year old Adriana was kicked out from her house by her parents for getting into trouble. Her parents got her an apartment to help her in Chicago, since then she has been living with her best friend, Danni. When Adriana went out for a run, she had no idea what was going to happen and how much 5 boys could change her entire life, but would it be for the best or for the worst? (Trust me the story's better)


79. Two years

Adriana's POV

Two years later...

"I love you guys!" I beamed as I laughed along with the crowd. It was absolutely amazing! I was on live television, being interviewed from someone on a talk show, it wasn't common to me since I'm not a fan of talk shows but I liked being on one!  "You have made it so far. You're twenty years old. You have made it so far in your modelling career."  I couldn't help but smile, I had been so grateful for it.  "Yeah, I- I love what I do. Honestly I would have never seen myself here three years ago."  I crossed my legs quickly, being told to do it from my ear piece. "Well just three years ago you were in high school, that must be great just knowing how this came into your life." Lauren nodded and began on a new subject.  "We must ask, I know you're always asked about this. But how is Harry?" I blushed, adding a small sarcastic eye roll. "I'm kidding!" I giggled, "No, uh... He's great. He's doing good. He's in a good position right now with his career and... that's all I could really say on that note." I laughed again and Lauren teased me. "That is fantastic. But that is not what I was asking!" She sent a wink at me and I started cracking up. This interview was... Something else.

"Uh? No we are not together, if that is what you were asking." 

"There must be feelings, c'mon, We have all seen those flirty twitter messages." The crowd laughed, and yelled, "Spill!"  "No! That's our friendship. Like we're friends. I can say, oh how have you been? And it would be alright for you to respond with-" 

"Mighty fine, want to marry me? That is how the conversation goes, right?"  Laughs escaped my mouth yet again and I couldn't stop. "Say what'd you like." She gave me a wink and we went on.     After the interview I stopped to take pictures with a few people. I also signed a few pictures. This was ultimately so exciting, I was anxious for everything! 

From: Zayn 'Hey! I was wondering if you'd be a doll and could stop by the mail office and receive something, it's for Abs :) pleaseeeee' 

Sent at 3:22 PM  

I aw'ed reading it, how adorable they were, one year together. Abby and Zayn didn't do too much for anniversaries but I thought it would be nice if they could somehow celebrate it.

To: Zayn

'Will do(:'

Sent at 3:33 PM

  I got into my car and drove off the parking lot, waving bye to some people. As I drove I got a call from Danni.  "Hello!"


"Niall?" I responded and I was curious to hear what she had to say about him. It didn't ended well between them, no one saw it coming. They just couldn't handle the anxiety from being far away from each other, they always argued in private and after their eleven month anniversary they broke it off.  "He sent me a text! He asked how I've been, Adriana!" I loved her enthusiasm it made me really anxious for anything. Niall had always told me he still loved her and Danni, well obviously she loved him too. 

"And you said?"  "I said I was doing great, and he replied with that's amazing... He said he just wanted to let me know... Are you ready for this?"  I laughed, "I'm ready!" 

"They're coming back! For one week! They have a show here, and interviews..." Danni was shrieking with joy. I started to get so excited, "Wait, them? Coming back? No fucking way!" I drove faster, "Danni I have to do something for Zayn. I'll be quick! I got to go!" I hung up and started to drive feeling anxious.  As I got to the post office and picked up what Zayn had for Abby. I was speedy throughout everything, I went to her house and she greeted me with a warm smile and hug.

"Hey Abby! Zayn wanted to give you a little surprise... Here you go!" She beamed as she took it from my hands and opened it. "He is literally... Something perfect." As she spoke she pulled out a red box with a small letter attached to it. She read it and then handed it to me blushing insanely.

'To my Abby. It's our one year anniversary and like Adriana insisted, I should take you out. It's a special occasion doll, I got that pretty dress you saw on our fourth date. You can't imagine how long it took it me, Lou helped though. Anyways I love you princess. I'll see you soon xxxx.' Aww! I smiled as I set it down on the coffee table next to me, she was showing off her new red dress that crossed open on her leg.

"It looks gorgeous Abs. I hope you guys have the best best anniversary. I really have to go but send me a picture of you in that dress!" She giggled and gave me another hug. "Of course I will! Go where you need to go, thank you for picking it up."    

When I got to my penthouse, I ran quickly picking up my mail and into the elevator. "Adriana!" I saw Danni as the doors opened and I jumped up. "They're coming!" I shrieked with joy and my smile was starting to hurt.  I wiped my eyes too, "What else did Niall tell you?"  Danni beamed and bit her lips, "He asked me on a date as soon as he comes back to fix up everything!" Danni began crying tears of joy and I couldn't be anymore happier for her. All she had wanted was to have Niall back. I walked farther inside and ran up to my bedroom. The smell of rose petals filled my room as soon as I got inside. It made me giddy and I picked them up from my bed, 'I'll see you tomorrow - Harry xx'

My heart did kart wheels, I let out a small giggle as I placed them down, also picking up a small bag. I stuck my hand in and pulled out a small bracelet. I looked at the silver and delicate engraving there were in each of the eight charms. One was of a little blue bird, the next was a blue check, another of a small magazine, another with a soccer ball, a basketball, a Chicago charm, an hourglass, then a cell phone charm having a text message box inside it typed 'Harry: I still love you Adriana: I bet you do<3', the very last was a locket. As I opened it a picture was inside it, Harry was in one and I was on the other side. I remembered the picture as the one from where we went to a club and got wasted. I was making a kissy face and Harry was sticking out his tongue.

"Harry also mentioned a gift." I turned around to look at Danni and she was smiling at me. My cheeks burned and I saw a note sticking out from the bag. I pulled it out with nicely written lettering on it.  'The blue bird stands for Twitter because that's how we had our conversations. The blue check was for Skype because whenever I saw you online I felt weightless. The magazine stands for well a magazine because wherever I went I always saw you're beautiful face. The soccer ball stands for all those times I sent you messages that said I'm the best soccer player even though I'm truly terrible. The basketball was for you, always sending me texts that the bulls won. The Willis Tower? Sorry I had to google it. It stands for the place we met, as in Chicago. The hourglass means that in time I'll see you again. The cellphone with the message, you see it right? It was one of my favourite messages because you put a heart at the end which meant I was going somewhere wasn't I? The locket has the best picture of us, thank Danni for it. I can't wait to see you. - Harry'

I looked back at the bracelet and laughed at how everything had a simple meaning yet hard to understand if you didn't know us both personally. I adored it, I clipped it on and I put it to my lips giving it a light kiss.  "He is fucking perfect..." I stopped to look at Danni standing at my doorway, "Now tell me about you and Niall!"  

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